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Featured Family Friendly Property: Rhumb Line Resort
Specials: Spring Break Specials
Destination: Miami Beach, Florida
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Featured Family Friendly Property  
Rhumb Line Resort Hotel

Kennebunkport, Maine  


The Rhumb Line Resort Hotel is perfect for couples and families. It is nestled in a quiet, scenic, four-acre wooded setting, less than a mile from President Bush's Summer White House (Walkers Point). From our location, you are a short walk to a picturesque coastal, pebble beach and a short drive to the beautiful sandy beaches that make Kennebunkport, Maine so inviting.

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Rhumb Line's year round activities available for you and your family:  

Five Beautiful Sandy Beaches,Scenic Sailing Tours

Ocean Kayaking,Canoeing on the Tidal Rivers,    

  Numerous Area Public Tennis Courts,    

Scenic Drive or Walk to our Seaside Vistas and the Beautiful Historic District of Sea Captains' and Ship Builders' Homes  

And More!  


Rhumb Line Specials

3rd Night 50% Off

Massage Weekend

Internet Specials


Spring Break Specials

Already starting to plan for Spring Break? Well here are some of the family friendly hotels that are offering specials that you are looking for.


Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

Summer Family Ranch Vacation 

Big Sky, Montana

Family Fun Package 

Hampton, New Hampshire


 Midweek 2 Night Getaway 

Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania


More Family Friendly Properties Offering Specials

Miami Beach, Florida

Miami's appeal lies in its unpredictability; even locals can never quite pin down what cultural turn Miami is going to take. As a significant homeport to many Caribbean cultures, Miami is constantly shifting and changing. The constant influx of people from all over the world make Miami a unique North American city in its complete lack of North American identity: here Spanish is as common as English, and current status is as important as the past. The most prominent aspect of Miami's identity, however, is its affection for hedonism and worldly delights.

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Family Friendly Lodging in and around Miami 

Travel Tips for Families On the Go


With headlines reporting attacks against tourists becoming more and more common, vacationers are on the alert. A recent magazine survey discovered that 85% of their readers said these reports have prompted them to be more cautious on while on holiday.Don't let a few criminals ruin your vacation. By taking a few precautions and staying alert, you can avoid spending part of your holiday filing a report at an exotic police station.


Call ahead. While deadbolts and peepholes are standard in motel rooms these days, safety awareness on the part of hotel management varies widely, so it's worth calling ahead to ask specific questions.


Watch your bags! Baggage theft at airports is on the rise, and half of the bags stolen are those left unattended. Thieves know that carry-on bags are where people carry their valuables and cash.


When you pick up your car rental, ask which parts of town to stay away from. Staying away from high-crime parts of town could be the most important safeguard you can take.

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For travel advice, visit our Family Travel Tips page.  You'll find tips on safety, health & more!  

Family Recommendations

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Fantastic Buttermilk Pancakes   

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Cranberry Smoothie  

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Chocolate Chip Cookies  

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Hotchkiss Brownie/Cake
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Prospect Hill B&B Inn
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ebruary is here, and families are back in the swing of things! With optimistic travel industry news coming on from all sides, we see that family travel increased in 2010 and will continue to grow in 2011. This upturn is good news for travelers and hospitality properties alike, as families look for experiences and unique destinations to explore. Another travel trend that is important for family travel in 2011 is the much slower recovery of the airlines - meaning flights will continue to be more expensive than not and travelers will take to the road. Road trips are a time honored family tradition, and I've included some tips to make your family drive to your destination of choice memorable and comfortable for everyone.
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