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Featured Family Friendly Property: The Augusta Rose B&B
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Destination: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Destination: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Destination: Monterey, California
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Featured Family Friendly Property
The Augusta Rose B&B
Augusta rose porchRest, relax and be pampered at The Augusta Rose Bed & Breakfast while you and your family explore all that northwest Ohio has to offer.

This stately Queen Anne style Victorian was built as a single family home in 1891. It is located approximately three blocks from downtown Napoleon, Ohio, one block from the scenic Maumee River and within walking distance of the Napoleon municipal pool and nine hole golf course.
roomFamily Activities
  • Bicycle Riding
  • Bird Watching
  • Boating
  • Hiking
  • Swimming

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Fall Specials

family in leaves

 The days are getting shorter and the temperature is beginning to drop.  Excape the chill and save money with these special family friendly offers:

Tucson, AZ
Chittenden, VT
Hawley, PA
Hawley, PA
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
philadelphiaFor family travelers who want to learn a big dose of American history in a fun and engaging way, then a family vacation to Philadelphia is in order. Philadelphia is the cradle of America, and on a Philadelphia family vacation, history comes alive. But families will be glad to know that there is much more to Philadelphia than just history: Museums in Philadelphia are world-class, the zoo is a blast for family vacationers, and there is even an old prison to tour.
                                                                 ...read more
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
gettysburgCharming Gettysburg, Pennsylvania immediately conjures an historical connotation. It brings to mind a famous battle followed by a timeless speech that would forever change American families. A family vacation to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania is certain to be entertaining as well as exciting, while history comes to life. Gettysburg remains largely unchanged since the Civil War battle. You won't find a traffic light or a box store shopping mall but families will be in awe of the historic authenticity and knowledge that is available..
                                                                                  ...read more
Monterey, California
MontereyWelcome to the Monterey Peninsula, one of the most diverse and beautiful areas in Northern California. Its colorful cities and historic locations make it an ideal family travel getaway. Monterey features an array of restaurants, recreational opportunities, boutiques, galleries, and family lodging. It is host to a wide variety of festivals and world class events including The Monterey Jazz Festival, The Monterey Blues Festival, Cherries Jubilee, The Great Monterey Squid Festival and Monterey Wine Festival, as well as major automobile and motorcycle races at nearby Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. Monterey is also conveniently nestled near other towns and villages perfect for an afternoon family outing.
                                                              ...read more
Travel Tips for Families On The Go
Day Trips

- Day Tripping -

Sometimes the effort of packing up the brood for an overnight stay is just too much to face, and that can be the perfect time for a day away. We've done a lot of these quick getaways over the years-especially when the kids were small-and have found them to be a lot of fun, and pretty relaxing, especially when the day away is followed by a lazy Sunday! We often plan these trips around places that we want to see in our area, but never seem to have the time to get there, such as the Indian Mounds two hours away, or the downtown museum, which takes an hour to get to with traffic.

To get the full benefit of this mini-vacation, you need to treat it as a vacation. Plan ahead. Pack up everything you need the night before for morning reveille. Get an early start while everybody's still in a good mood. Breakfast? Definitely out on the road!

Plan for arriving at your destination mid- to late-morning. If the locale is inviting, you might bring a picnic (packed up the night before), or if the dining sounds promising, plan to eat lunch at a local restaurant. Museum restaurants are often fun and in keeping with their subject. Plan for a late afternoon drive home. For dinner, eat out on the way home, or pick up pizza and a movie on the way back in.

Stay in vacation mode on Sunday. That means no work, and no projects. (Renovating the basement is definitely out, and clearing out the rain gutters can wait for another weekend!) Do only what you really want to do, the things you find enjoyable, especially as a family (this could easily entail doing absolutely nothing). You'll be pleasantly surprised at how rested you feel after your mini weekend getaway, and what a good time you and the kids have had together.

For travel advice, visit our Family Travel Tips page. You'll find tips on safety, health & more!
Family Recommendations
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We're always looking for valuable information to share with our readers on places to stay, things to do, things to watch out for and so forth.  If you have something you would like to share with other families, please drop us a line.

Want to share an exceptional lodging property that met your family's expectations? Let our readers know.


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Raisin Bread French Toast
raisin bread french toast
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Nauset House Guacamole
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Lamb with Block Olives
lamb with olives 
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Brandied Apple Tart
apple tart
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The Lost Whale Inn
Family Travel Blog
Weekend Getaways with Kids
Family Blog Image 

A certain melancholy would always set in for me during the first few weeks of school, and after the start of packed lunches, tight schedules and nights of homework, I was longing for the freedom of summer. Homeschoolers and those with little youngsters too small to be in school yet still enjoy traveling - shouldn't we all? Even though the sun is setting on the great summer months, families can still get going! Following please find some spectacular reasons to take advantage of 3 day weekends, school holidays, and light homework loads this fall.

Many inns and hospitality properties have their high season during the summer, so enjoy the reduced rates of the slower season when you plan a family trip this time of year. In fact, some families wait until the autumn months to enjoy a little vacation, simply in order to take advantage of the great savings. Explore the area around you, as you won't want to spend too much of your short getaway in transit, and you may discover great places to relax and rejuvenate on a weekend getaway that your kids will love!
                      ...read more
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