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Featured Family Friendly Property: The Mountain Top Inn & Resort
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Destination: Nashville, Tennessee
Destination: New Orleans, Louisiana
Destination: Jackson, New Hampshire
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Featured Family Friendly Property
The Mountain Top Inn & Resort
Mountain Top Inn & ResortFamily friendly resort with "breathtaking natural beauty" and great fun year-round for everyone. With 30 Lodge rooms, 5 pet friendly cabins and chalet homes to accommodate up to 16 guests.

Set on 350 acres in the midst of the national forest, overlooking a recreational lake and just 11 miles from Killington, The Mountain Top Inn & Resort offers "breathtaking views," innovative dining and warm hospitality for everyone. Family fun packages are available year round.

In Summer the Resort's Equestrian Center provides lessons and guided trail rides for all skill levels while in Winter the cross-country ski facility features 60 kilometers of trails, lessons, equipment rentals and pulk sleds, pulled by Mom or Dad, for the little ones.

Mountain Top Inn & ResortDeals & Specials

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Active Summer Getaways

Family on hike

 Enjoy the summer weather along with your loved ones by taking them on an active adventure. It's a wonderful way explore new talents and create lasting family memories. Here are some family-friendly lodgings that are offering active summer packages:
Tucson, AZ
Tucson, AZ
Napa, CA
Kennebunkport, ME
Nashville, Tennessee
Nashville TNYou do not have to be a country music fan to enjoy a family vacation in Nashville, TN. However, you and your family probably will be one by the time you leave your Nashville family vacation! Called Music City, Nashville is rich with culture, history and attractions to please even the pickiest member of the family on a family vacation. Family vacations are often about compromise. Since each member of a family is unique and different in their abilities, it is not often you find a family vacation destination that appeals to all.
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New Orleans, Louisiana
New Orleans LANew Orleans is known for many things: It is home to one of the biggest parties in the world, has a music tradition that has influenced virtually every type of modern music, has inspired cuisine flavors all over the world, and has, lately, become the poster child of resiliency and overcoming. But where does a family vacation fit in to everything New Orleans offers? New Orleans does have somewhat of a reputation as an adult playground. But family vacationers need not fear that there is nothing for kids to do in New Orleans.
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Jackson, New Hampshire
Jackson NHEvery member of the family will enjoy a family getaway to beautiful Jackson, New Hampshire. The kids will delight in the wealth of outdoor recreational activities, and parents will truly appreciate the charming beauty of this old-fashioned village. In Jackson, nature is always beckoning: from the gentle hills to the roaring waterfalls cascading over majestic mountains, your family will be fully surrounded by beauty on a Jackson family vacation. When in need of a break from playing in the great outdoors, head into the quaint town of Jackson, where dining, shopping and entertainment are all part of the family vacation package.
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Travel Tips for Families On The Go
family picnic

A picnic trip is a great way to create quality family time while enjoying the outdoors. Here are some things to keep in mind while putting together your picnic basket:
  • The Rule: Take what you need and no less. Take what you want and no more.
  • The Basket - don't use bags. They will be trampled on, fall over, be crushed, etc. Use any basket, strong tote, cooler or the like. Rectangular will always fit better. Consider a container that can also be used as a small table.
  • Cooler or ice chest - A must for all perishables. Try to match the cooler and contents. Don't lug around an enormous cooler for a couple of sandwiches and one 6-pack of drinks. Do leave room for ice. The day before, fill the cooler with ice and then drain and re-fill when you pack before leaving.
  • Tableware: Plates, cups, knives and forks, etc. Consider disposable plates and washable plastic. Try to use unbreakable but solid pieces. Take extras of each of these.
  • Utensils: Be sure you can get into and use everything you take - so you may need a can opener, bottle opener, corkscrew, sharp knives for specific uses, cutting board, serving spoons, nut cracker? Would a pie server make the entire day go easier? Leave the kitchen drawers at home and take the specific items you will need.
  • Food Containers & Protectors: A cake in plastic wrap may become a real mess - use adequate containers. Sauce leaking from an inadequate bottle can totally ruin the day. Stay away from breakable glass and china. Do a pre-packing of just the containers when you are planning the menu to see how much space you are taking up. Have a plan for covering the food during the picnic. The Victorian solution was light-weight napkins with weights - try sewing old keys to the corners of napkins to use as food covers.
  • Condiments: Take along what your family loves on food - peppers, cinnamon, honey, lemon, steak sauce, mustard. Get or make up your own small-portion containers and put them all in a large baggie. Extra baggies always come in handy.
  • BBQ: If you're going to do the cooking on-site, first BE SURE IT'S SAFE. Camp stoves or hibachi are handy, but must be packed cool. Be very careful with disposing of coals hot or cold. Include fuel and matches, at least one hot glove or mitt, and preferably a small fire extinguisher. Take appropriate utensils. A small plant sprayer with water can be very helpful. Serving platter or board - more important than you think.
  • Kids: You won't forget the kids but did you remember the camera, a toy or two, the baseball and gloves, maybe a book or sketchpad?
  • That Special Touch: Do you want to take folding chairs, a folding table, break-down umbrella, vase of flowers? It's your picnic. We once saw a family by the side of the road in the mountains of Colorado having tea at a card table set with linen and full silver service.
  • Enjoy your picnic! And take notes on what to do next time - just tuck the note in your picnic basket. It will be a pleasant discovery when you start putting together your next picnic.
For travel advice, visit our Family Travel Tips page. You'll find tips on safety, health & more!
Family Recommendations
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Family Blog Image 

The summer is in full swing by now - BBQ's, pool parties and sunburns are occurring in earnest these days. Plus, the kids are out of school! All I can say is, finally! One way I have recently discovered to make sure your kids are as excited for your getaway as you are - and to keep them thinking over the break from school - is a great new series called "Cool Stuff Every Kid Should Know". These books have caught my eye because of the family friendly destinations they feature, the wonderful and engaging content, and the educational aspect they present, cleverly disguised as fun facts and trivia.

Developed by Kate Boehm Jerome, this series of kids books is the perfect companion for your child on a family vacation. With many family friendly destinations in mind, Acadia Publishing has essentially put together a guidebook your kids will use to experience your destination.
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