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Albuquerque, NM

Among many other things, the American Southwest is famous for its adventure, its spirit of fun, and its beautiful scenery. Nowhere do all these things come together like on a family vacation in Albuquerque, New Mexico...

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Santa Fe, NM

Santa Fe is a world class family vacation destination. With a population of just 70,000, Santa Fe is tucked into the foothills of the southern Rocky Mountains. Santa Fe is a small city; but do not let its size fool you. Santa Fe annually pulls in around one million visitors. This is undoubtedly because Santa Fe is welcoming, unique and promises to keep families busy. Founded between 1607 and 1610, Santa Fe is the second oldest city in the U.S. This ancient pedigree is celebrated in Santa Fe, through the historic and cultural offerings. Santa Fe celebrates and teaches the past in an accessible, fun manner that family vacationers will appreciate. Warm summers and cool winters also make Santa Fe an all-season family vacation destination. The best of outdoor activities combine with the ultimate in cultural activities on a Santa Fe family vacation. It is in the arts where Santa Fe truly shines. But do not worry that the art scene in Santa Fe is inaccessible or overly erudite; art is so prevalent in Santa Fe that even the non-art lovers in your family will find something to appreciate and love. A Santa Fe family vacation is a wonderful choice; the culture is so unique you will think you have traveled to a different country, however, at the same time, your family will feel right at home and welcome on the Santa Fe streets. Many families who travel to Santa Fe on a family vacation wish they could make this spectacular city their permanent home. Living is fun and easy on a family vacation to Santa Fe!

Santa Fe Historic Sites

Often, on a family vacation, mentioning that you are going to spend the day visiting historic sites elicits groans from the backseat. This is never a worry in Santa Fe, where the historic sites offer as much fun as they do education! The whole family will be engaged as you visit each site. Perhaps nowhere else in the country is the Native American heritage and past as celebrated and preserved as it is in Santa Fe. The low, adobe buildings that once housed the Pueblo people are immaculately conserved and open for the respectful viewing public. On your Santa Fe family vacation, visit Bandelier National Monument, which is composed of over 23,000 acres of wilderness to see these ancestral dwellings and for breathtaking views of the mesas and canyons that make up the Santa Fe landscape. To appreciate the Spanish influence in Santa Fe, then a visit to the San Miguel Mission is in order. This Spanish Colonial mission church is considered to be the oldest church in the country, and the history that is buried in the thick walls will certainly whisper to your family as you tour through it. If you would like to remain in the city, then take your family to Santa Fe Plaza, which is living Santa Fe history! Located in the heart of downtown, Santa Fe plaza has been the center of Santa Fe for 400 years. Santa Fe Plaza hosts markets, concerts and is just an awesome place to settle down for a quick minute off your feet. Watch the city unfold around you while visiting the Santa Fe Plaza!

Santa Fe Museums

Kids often groan when their parents utter the world museum. Santa Fe is a true world-class family vacation destination because the museums in Santa Fe are never stuffy and always hands-on! Right on the Santa Fe Plaza is the Palace of the Governors, which was built by the Spanish Government in 1610 and chronicles the history of Santa Fe and New Mexico. The Georgia O Keeffe Museum offers the best of both worlds for family vacationers: unique, original artwork for the older members of the family to appreciate and enjoy, and hands-on art activities for the young and old to enjoy! Kids can create their own art. Similarly, the Museum of International Folk Art has the largest collection of international folk art in the world and also offers art activities for the younger members of the family. After a visit to a Santa Fe museum, the souvenirs you take from your Santa Fe family vacation will be ones you created yourself!

Santa Fe Outdoors

There are many outdoor adventures to be had on a Santa Fe family vacation. Hiking, cycling, fishing and skiing opportunities abound, and are often just minutes from downtown. Hiking is a popular family vacation activity because there is no expensive equipment needed. Santa Fe has many trails for every level of hiker. The Sangre de Cristo Mountains are just minutes from downtown Santa Fe and has miles of trails. The most popular trail is the Aspen Vista trail, which has a gradual uphill and is comfortably challenging. The surrounding scenery of mountain streams and juniper trees will keep your camera clicking and even the complaining teenagers will be silenced by the sight of the abundant local wildlife. Bring a picnic to make a family vacation memory you will never forget. Skiing is another popular family vacation activity in Santa Fe. The ski season in Santa Fe lasts from late fall to early spring, and the frequent sunny weather makes for an exhilarating, fun experience. And whether you prefer cross-country or downhill, there is a skiing opportunity available for every family, even those on limited budgets. The same Aspen Vista trail which offers such wonderful sightseeing opportunities in the warm months is a Mecca for cross-country skiing or snowshoeing enthusiasts. For downhill skiers and snowboarders, visit Ski Santa Fe, which is a recreation area and offers lessons and runs for all ability levels. And if one or two members of the family just want to sit in the lodge and drink hot chocolate—that is always okay on a Santa Fe family vacation, too!

Santa Fe Arts and Culture

Santa Fe is one of only nine UNESCO Creative Cities, marking it as an arts destination for people around the world. Families will find the art scene abundant and accessible. There are more than 200 galleries within the city boundaries, so the best way to explore the art in Santa Fe is simply to roam around check them out! Ask the proprietor at your family lodging their favorites in order to get a local perspective. No family vacation to Santa Fe is complete without a thorough investigation of the Santa Fe art scene. Museum Hill hosts the most special collections in Santa Fe and the Santa Fe Indian market, one of the most (if not the most) famous art market in the world features more than 1200 artists from 100 tribes. The Santa Fe Indian Market is held every August and is the largest event in Santa Fe. It is well worth planning your family vacation around this event, but make sure to book early! Another favorite activity on a family vacation is the performing arts, and these abound in Santa Fe, as well. The Santa Fe Performing Arts Center hosts everything from Chinese acrobats, to Broadway Musicals, to the Santa Fe Opera, which is world famous. Check the schedule for the time of your family vacation and you may have a theatrical experience you will remember for a lifetime.

Santa Fe Cuisine

Any restaurant you try while on a Santa Fe family vacation is likely to be wonderful. The culinary arts are revered in Santa Fe. To truly appreciate the abundance and beauty of the Santa Fe culinary scene, then take your family to the Santa Fe Farmers Market, where everything from organic buffalo to lush apricots is available for sample and purchase. One fun family vacation activity to take part is in a cooking class, which will teach your family the traditional Santa Fe style of cooking, and will entertain every member of the family! The Wine and Chile Fiesta is another fun festival to plan your family vacation around. This festival takes place in late September and features more than 100 wineries and 50 chefs in cooking demonstrations, free samples and seminars. Anyone in the family who loves to eat will love the Wine and Chile Fiesta! Santa Fe is a small city, a unique city, and a fun city. Come find out why it is such a popular family vacation destination. Come to Santa Fe!


Guest Editor: Carola Valdes

Wife and mother of two little ones, traveling is her family’s favorite pastime (as long as it’s family-friendly and fun).

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