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Albuquerque, NM

Among many other things, the American Southwest is famous for its adventure, its spirit of fun, and its beautiful scenery. Nowhere do all these things come together like on a family vacation in Albuquerque, New Mexico...

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When it comes to family fun, Orlando, FL naturally comes to mind. The city of Orlando was specifically designed with fun family vacations in mind. Disneyworld is the gem in Orlando’s crown, but it would be a mistake to not experience Orlando’s plethora of other fun family vacation activities. In Orlando, the task is never finding something to do—it’s choosing what to do from an endless list of exciting family activities. In fact, the only downside to a family vacation in Orlando is that you’ll inevitably leave not having done everything. However, if you plan wisely, you’ll find your family vacation in Orlando to be everything you’ve dreamed of and more. Whether you’re in town for a quick, three day family getaway or you have a few weeks to spend, Orlando will keep you entertainment and amused.


When speaking of an Orlando family vacation, it would be remiss not to mention Disneyworld. Even though it is the most frequently visited amusement park in the entire world, there are still special tips and tricks that even experienced Disney fans may not know. You need not visit Disneyworld to make your Orlando family vacation complete, however it is the “happiest place on Earth” for a reason. Disneyworld is made up of six parks, so it’s best to plan your time very carefully so every member of the family has an enjoyable time. Your teenager will love the water park Typhoon Lagoon, while your toddler will most likely want to stay in Magic Kingdom the whole day. A structured itinerary will make your family vacation to Orlando much more enjoyable and memorable! Also, if you’re traveling with little ones, don’t forget to grab that afternoon nap. Don’t worry about what you’re missing at the park—a well-rested little one is more able to enjoy the fabulous nighttime activities at Disneyworld; parades, fireworks and the beautiful lights. Rest is an important aspect of any family vacation! Eating will also be something you have to take into consideration on your family vacation. In Orlando’s Disneyworld, the food can be expensive and the lines can be extremely long. Many families on a family vacation to Orlando choose to take a lunch into the park, and Disney provides lockers just for this very purpose. This way you’ll save money, be able to eat quickly and everyone in the family be able to refuel with a delicious meal they’ll enjoy.

Other Orlando Theme Parks

In Orlando, don’t let Disneyworld steal all your family vacation time! Orlando is also home to Sea World and Universal Studios. The former puts the wilds of the deep sea at your fingertips. Get to the shows early and you can sit in the “splash zone”, where the waves of water will cool you off in the hot, sticky, Orlando sun! This is another great place to take a picnic. Universal Studios is a place for thrills and chills! Go on rides based on your favorite Hollywood movies, see a real TV set, and view memorabilia from famous TV shows and movies all over the park. The lines at both these attractions can be long and the sun can be hot, but on a family vacation, those pesky details don’t seem to matter! Bring bottled water, sunscreen and a camera, and your family will be just fine! If you have older children, then don’t miss a trip to Sky venture Orlando on your family vacation, where you can have the thrill of skydiving without the plane or danger! Modern technology keeps you weightless and floating in the air. Also, celebrate Florida landscape and history by visiting Gatorland on your family vacation, which is 110 acres of alligators, alligator shows and history and preservation centers. Gatorland is especially relevant for family vacations because, compared to the other parks, it is affordable and yet still something the kids will love!

Orlando Entertainment

The whole city of Orlando is centered on family entertainment. Yet sometimes, on a family vacation, you’d like to get off your feet and let the entertainment happen in front of your very eyes. Orlando offers plenty of opportunities like this. Catching a performance of The Blue Man Group at the Universal Orlando Resort is a place where the whole family can sit down, enjoy a cool drink and laugh at the crazy, creative antics of this famous performing troupe. If you’re interested in seeing your surrounding Orlando landscape, don’t miss a trip on the Kissimmee Swamp Tours, where you never know what’s going to pop their heads out of the famous Florida swamp! If you’re looking to take a break from your family vacation while enjoying a delicious dinner and a phenomenal show, then Orlando is the town for you! From magic shows to Hawaiian Luaus, your whole family will love this fun family vacation activity! One particularly popular dinner and show for families is the Pirate’s Dinner Adventure in Orlando, which is a Broadway styled musical comedy that will have your family laughing, gasping and chowing down to your heart’s content. As an interactive show, you might even find yourself wearing a pirate’s costume and swashbuckling your way through dinner.

Dining in Orlando

If there’s one thing for sure, it’s that busy family vacations in cities like Orlando makes people hungry! Sometimes you and your family just need to eat! Well, in Orlando, even a simple meal need never be boring or tasteless. As a city that caters to families, Orlando offers plenty of affordable and hearty places to dine that the whole family will enjoy. Even if you’re stopping in for a quick bite on your way from one park to the other, a meal in Orlando can have your taste buds singing. For the little ones, a character meal at Disney can be the highlight of the family vacation! One restaurant that the whole family will enjoy is Ohana, a Polynesian restaurant with windows overlooking the Disney fireworks. A great casual restaurant to give a try is Bahama Breeze, which has Caribbean and American food is extremely family friendly. A fun place that is affordable and has a free show is Marrakesh, which serves accessible Moroccan food and has belly dancers on staff to transport you and your family to ancient Morocco! A unique idea is to put your family’s meal together at the Orlando Farmer’s Market, which is located at Lake Eola, right in the heart of Downtown Orlando. Special events happen all year and vendors offer everything from fresh Florida citrus fruit to finger puppets. The Orlando Farmer’s Market is a great place to go on your family vacation because it gives you a chance to live and play like the Orlando locals. Each member of your family can buy an affordable treat and then you can feast at the outdoor dining area, enjoying the beautiful landscape and talking about what has passed and what is yet to come on your adventurous family vacation to Orlando.

Family Vacation Fun in Orlando

On a family vacation in Orlando, you and your family will always leave not having done everything. But this is okay! Orlando is designed to bring your family back again and again, always promising something new, special and unique with every visit. Family vacationers who have been to Orlando dozens of times still have an entire city to explore. Book your Orlando family vacation today at


Guest Editor: Carola Valdes

Wife and mother of two little ones, traveling is her family’s favorite pastime (as long as it’s family-friendly and fun).

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