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Albuquerque, NM

Among many other things, the American Southwest is famous for its adventure, its spirit of fun, and its beautiful scenery. Nowhere do all these things come together like on a family vacation in Albuquerque, New Mexico...

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New Orleans, LA

New Orleans is known for many things: It is home to one of the biggest parties in the world, has a music tradition that has influenced virtually every type of modern music, has inspired cuisine flavors all over the world, and has, lately, become the poster child of resiliency and overcoming. But where does a family vacation fit in to everything New Orleans offers? New Orleans does have somewhat of a reputation as an adult playground. But family vacationers need not fear that there is nothing for kids to do in New Orleans. As a family vacation destination, New Orleans is top notch, offering cultural diversions that will entertain even the hardest to please teenager. Even during Mardi Gras, when the term family vacation does not naturally come to mind, New Orleans offers a wealth of activities for family vacationers.

New Orleans French Quarter

The French Quarter will get a lot of your family vacation time, and it should, since so much culture has been formed from this location. The French Quarter is so iconic and has become so prolific that you should split up your exploration of it into several days or your New Orleans family vacation. If your family lodging is located in the French Quarter, then count yourself lucky, as every day of your family vacation can be spent exploring this dynamic heart of New Orleans. In the heart of the French Quarter lies Jackson Square, a gathering place for locals and tourists and a must-stop on your family vacation; here, artists display their work and jazz musicians play for the passers-by. On Jackson Square is the 1850 House, which recreates the opulent lifestyles of antebellum New Orleans. This is a great way to sneak learning into your family vacation! French Market is another great French Quarter stop on your New Orleans family vacation: Mostly taken over by a flea market, you can expect one of a kind souvenirs of your family vacation. While in the French Quarter, make sure you stop by famous Café Du Monde, which only serves two things: café au lait and beignets (square French donuts).

Royal Street and Bourbon Street

The two most famous streets in the New Orleans French Quarter offer differing experiences for family vacationers. Bourbon Street is synonymous with the famous New Orleans party scene; lined with bars and nightclubs, most nights the famed iron balconies that line Bourbon Street are lined with revelers. Head out during the day on your family vacation, however, and there is plenty to entertain the family on Bourbon Street. Arnauds Restaurant is a top pick for a true New Orleans dining experience. Royal Street is considered the most beautiful street in the New Orleans French Quarter, and is family vacationer friendly. The big draw on Royal Street is antique shops, which may not entertain the kids, precisely, but offer neat, museum-like views of old-style chandeliers and furniture. Stop by Brennans, one of the most famous restaurants in New Orleans, for a bite on your family vacation. Tucked just behind Royal Street is St. Anthonys Garden, which is a great stop when you need a break on your busy family vacation day. Small but beautiful, this garden used to host duels in the 18th century. A great museum to visit on Royal Street is the Historic New Orleans Collection, which has ten galleries of historical artifacts and has something to please everyone on your family vacation. Gallier House Museum is another Royal Street museum that showcases the intersection of American and Creole life. The Lalaurie House is sure to be a hit on your family vacation, as it is associated with ghosts.

Family Friendly Activities in New Orleans

While out and about on your New Orleans family vacation, there are lots of places to see that are family friendly. One particular place that everyone on the family vacation will love is the Old US Mint, which was once a mint, then a prison, and now the home to the New Orleans Jazz Collection, which tells the story of jazz. Inside this beautiful Greek Revival building is also the History of Old US Mint Exhibition, which displays coins that were formerly minted there. Kids of all ages will love a cruise on the Steamboat Natchez on your New Orleans family vacation. An authentically replication of a 19th century steamboat, Steamboat Natchez offers daily cruises that feature all the entertainment that would have been offered in the past: saloons, opulent rooms and card tables included. More family friendly places abound on a New Orleans family vacation: including Aquarium of the Americas, which focuses on marine life native to the New Orleans area. Hop a ferry to Algiers and Mardi Gras World, and see where many of the Mardi Gras floats are constructed. You can even try on costumes worn by Krewe members during previous Mardi Gras, a surefire way to get great family vacation photos. This a great way to get a taste of Mardi Gras, even if your family vacation does not fall during the traditional Mardi Gras time. Another way to spend a wonderful day of your New Orleans family vacation is to visit the Garden District, which is the most beautiful and romantic part of New Orleans. Do not be dismayed by the term romantic: the parents in the family will enjoy the creeping flowers and opulent mansions, while the kids will scream for a trip on the St. Charles Avenue Streetcar, the last of its kind in the country and a distinct part of New Orleans. Also in the Garden District is the Audubon Zoo, which features animals in open paddocks and has a special exhibit called The Louisiana Swamp, where white alligators roam and relax. A family vacation hit!

New Orleans City Park

City Park is the fifth largest urban park in the U.S. and offers a wonderfully relaxing experience on your New Orleans family vacation. There are sights and exhibits to enjoy within the park, but one of the best ways to enjoy it is to simply take a picnic and watch the city pass by on your New Orleans family vacation. City Park is faithful to the southern Louisiana flora and fauna; moss-draped oaks and lagoons are the dominant landscape in the park. Inside New Orleans City Park is the New Orleans Botanical Garden and the New Orleans Museum of Art, both great family vacation stops. Even if the kids complain, you must not miss a family vacation visit to the New Orleans Museum of Art, which is one of the most prestigious in the country. Permanent exhibits in the museum include a Faberge egg and Woman in an Armchair, by Picasso, world-famous sights on your family vacation. The botanical gardens might be initially appeal more to the family vacationers; local flora like camellias, azaleas and magnolias abound, as well as tropical plants and trees. This is a great way to spend a few hours relaxing on your New Orleans family vacation.

Historic Sites in New Orleans

Kids resist learning on family vacations—and who can blame them, after being stuck in a classroom all day? Family vacations are time for fun! The best family vacation destinations offer ways to blend fun with education, and New Orleans has this in spades. Interesting architectural elements and ghostly history make a visit to historic sites in New Orleans acceptable to kids. The Old Ursuline Convent is such a place. Kids will enjoy seeing the nuns old kitchen and laundry areas, and roam around the beautiful gardens. The St. Louis Cathedral is another must-stop on your New Orleans family vacation. European style in its grandeur and spiritual importance, the St. Louis Cathedral was the place of the signing of The Louisiana Purchase and also has a Mardi Gras Museum inside. Families with strong constitutions will get a kick out of a visit to the New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum on their New Orleans family vacation, which centers around famous Marie Leaveau. Some of her possessions are on display here, including altars, amulets and charms. While you are on the ghostly track on your family vacation, visit St. Louis Cemetery, which contains the grave of Marie Leaveau and has plenty of ghost stories attached to it. One thing is for sure—your New Orleans family vacation will surprise and delight you every minute.


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A family resort since 1897, Rockywold-Deephaven Camps give families a unique vacation experience, offering rustic simplicity, friendly services, and an unsurpassed natural setting.

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