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Albuquerque, NM

Among many other things, the American Southwest is famous for its adventure, its spirit of fun, and its beautiful scenery. Nowhere do all these things come together like on a family vacation in Albuquerque, New Mexico...

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Las Vegas, NV

It’s a widely felt notion that Las Vegas, Nevada is the grownup playground of the world. However, if you are looking for a family fun destination for your next family vacation, don’t cross Las Vegas off your list just yet. While Las Vegas hasn’t lost its hold on the adult travelers seeking a vacation of fun and indulgence, Las Vegas is also currently enjoying a renaissance as a family vacation destination. “Sin City” is also “Fun City,” with activities for kids, teenagers and adults alike. So gather the herd and head to Las Vegas for a fun and exciting family vacation! Within only a few square miles, you’ll find activity after activity designed to keep a family entertained and having fun together. From roaring tigers to a chocolate factory, it is even safe to use the “W” word when referring to a Las Vegas family vacation… yes, it’s true—Las Vegas offers wholesome, family-friendly activities galore!

Activities on the Strip

The Las Vegas strip is only 3.8 miles long, but it offers so much family-fun for your family vacation that you’ll think it’s a hundred miles long! From the Stratosphere Hotel to the north and the Luxor Hotel to the south, those few small miles contain enough activity to make any family hit their pillows, happy and exhausted, at the end of a long Las Vegas day. Starting at the Stratosphere, a favorite attraction among adults and older kids are the three famed roller coasters located 1,149 feet in the air, at the very top of the tower. The rides are designed to take advantage of this amazing height and your family’s hearts will be thumping with excitement and thrills as you take in the view and the famous Las Vegas skyline. Head South on the strip and you’ll pass Circus Circus, where you can pop in and enjoy a free circus act and your family can have fun playing old fashioned carnival games. Your next stop on your family vacation should be at the Mirage, where your family can see the famed white tigers that starred in Siegfried and Roy’s now retired magic act. This habitat is also a sanctuary for these endangered white tigers in Las Vegas; so much of the focus at Circus Circus is on tiger cubs, from the hyper “teenagers” to the brand new “babies.” On a family vacation, learning moments are valuable and teaching your family about endangered species is always a good lesson. Just a few steps and across the street from the Mirage is a stop that will make everyone in your family very happy to be on this family vacation! The Imperial Palace has a world-famous auto show that showcases over 250 automobiles from different eras of modern world history. From the antique Model-T to replicas of the Bond cars, your family is sure to share some jaw-dropping moments. As your family then moves north on the strip, your next stop on your family vacation should be at the Excalibur Hotel, where the medieval ages come to life in full glory! Next stop on your family vacation is a visit the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay, where you’ll walk through a tunnel of great whites and maybe even spot a Komodo Dragon on your way into the aquarium.

Family Activities Away from the Strip

One mistake people often make on a Las Vegas family vacation is they think all the fun to be had is on the Las Vegas strip. And while the strip is chock full of family fun, so is the city of Las Vegas outside the strip, which might offer a respite from the hustle and bustle of the thronging crowds. One stop on your family vacation that kids will love is the Ethel M. Chocolate Factory, which is located ten miles from the strip and will provide your family the opportunity to watch real live chocolate treats being made right in front of them. You’ll have free samples to your heart’s (and stomachs!) content. Another great family vacation stop is the Lied Discovery Children’s Museum, where there are more than 100 hands on exhibits for kids to explore and discover the world around them. On your Las Vegas family vacation, it’s worth the time to head over to downtown, where “old” Las Vegas comes to life in spectacular, modern form! This is the Las Vegas you see in movies from the 50’s and 60’s. Historic hotels and glittering sidewalks will bring your family back to the time before Las Vegas became “the strip”! This is also where you’ll often find bargains for your family, from inexpensive, delicious dinners to affordable child friendly hotels for the whole family. The newest and one of the most fantastic parts of a downtown Las Vegas family vacation is the Fremont Street Experience, where crowds gather to watch the unbelievable light show that happens on the arched, outdoor ceiling above your heads.

Outdoor Activities in Las Vegas

There’s no denying that Las Vegas can be hot. It is in the desert, after all! However, once you escape the Las Vegas crowds and the busy streets and hit the outdoors, your family will find that there are sweet desert breezes and natural feasts for the eyes. Every family vacation calls for a little outdoors time—where your family can stretch their legs and reconnect with nature while away from the glittering lights, car horns and miles of civilization that make up the city of Las Vegas. One outdoor activity that is only a few miles from the strip and should be at the top of your list on your Las Vegas family vacation is Red Rock Canyon—a national conservation center on 197,000 acres in the Mojave Desert. Choose to take the driving path, which wraps you around beautiful red rocks formations, or take the whole family on a hike, where you can enjoy the desert scenery without the benefit of roads and cars. Pack a family picnic and bring water and a walking stick for an extra enjoyable time! Another exciting outdoor activity in Las Vegas is a family visit to Hoover Dam. One million visitors (many on family vacations) tour the dam each year to witness its massiveness and efficiency as it churns out electricity for the region. Your family vacation in Las Vegas can be a wonderful opportunity to show your family one the world’s greatest engineering feats.

Shopping in Las Vegas

Shopping is one of the great Las Vegas pastimes! Even the members of the family who don’t enjoy malls will enjoy the varied shopping opportunities that Las Vegas offers. Every store you can imagine can be found on the Strip—from the Gap to Barney’s. The Forum Shops located at Cesar’s Palace are a particular favorite on family vacations. This is no typical mall—there’s an FAO Schwarz for the kids, designer stores like Kate Spade and Valentino for the label-lover, and a free show for anyone in the family who likes pure and simple entertainment. The Forum Shops comprise the most successful shopping venue in the United States for a reason—they provide an environment that every member of the family can enjoy. For the more elite shopper (or the curious family!) the shops at the Palazzo are elegant and sophisticated. There’s an 85,000 square-foot Barney’s, antique book stores (where you might even find a first edition Jane Austen or Charles Dickens), and the Apothecary, which features master barbers who can give the men in the family a once-in-a-lifetime shave. A lot of families on a family vacation seek out budget buys, and for the budget-minded family, Las Vegas shopping doesn’t disappoint. Las Vegas Fashion Outlets, located just a few miles from the city, offers designer labels at discount prices. So your family can look the look without paying the price!

Las Vegas on a Budget

Now offering private rooms, hostels are a great budget accommodation option for families. It’s not just the price of a room where you can save money; breakfast and internet access are usually included too. Hostels might also offer free city tours, games and movie rooms which will keep the kids entertained for a couple of hours. Feeding a family on holiday can get pricier three times a day, but families can use the hostel self-catering facilities to prepare a few meals and packed lunches. Try a Hostel in Las Vegas

End of the Day in Las Vegas

Whatever your family loves to do on a family vacation, Las Vegas offers it in spades. You might need a little down time at your family friendly hotel since Las Vegas and all its treasures will keep you on your feet all day, but that’s a tell-tale sign that you’re having fun! And, at the end of a busy, fun-filled Las Vegas day, as you and your family watch the fountains sway and dance at the Bellagio or catch the free pirate show at Treasure Island, you’ll look around and think—“This is the best family vacation ever!” There’s truly something for everyone in Las Vegas, making it a premier family vacation destination. When your head finally finds its pillow and your eyes drift shut at the end of the night, your head will be filled with the lights, sounds and excitement of Las Vegas and you’ll be excited for the next day, for the coming adventures on your Las Vegas family vacation.


Guest Editor: Carola Valdes

Wife and mother of two little ones, traveling is her family’s favorite pastime (as long as it’s family-friendly and fun).

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