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Albuquerque, NM

Among many other things, the American Southwest is famous for its adventure, its spirit of fun, and its beautiful scenery. Nowhere do all these things come together like on a family vacation in Albuquerque, New Mexico...

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Breckenridge, CO

Breckenridge, Colorado, is known world-wide to be a winter wonderland. Powder-like snow ushers families down bunny hills or steep dramatic runs. However, experienced family vacationers know that Breckenridge is a world-class family vacation destination all seasons of the year. The small town personality of Breckenridge, combined with renowned resorts and outdoor activities, make Breckenridge an ideal family vacation destination. Families will find themselves creating new memories and enjoying their time together when they embark on a Breckenridge family vacation. One of the best attributes of Breckenridge is that while the facilities and scenery rank up there with among some of the most elite ski destinations in the world, the price tag tends to stay family friendly. Families on a budget will appreciate being able to have a world-class family vacation without breaking the bank. Breckenridge seems hand-created for a fun and exciting family vacation, so book your family friendly Breckenridge lodging today!

Wintertime in Breckenridge

There is never a reason to stay indoors on a chilly Breckenridge winter day. Family vacationers who head to Breckenridge in the winter bundle up and take to the exhilarating slopes, enjoying the challenge and fun of the soft white snow. Breckenridge Ski Resort is the gold standard for family friendly ski resorts. Family vacationers love that Breckenridge Ski Resort caters to both new and experienced skiers. The little ones on the family vacation will enjoy trying their legs on the bunny slopes, while older and more experienced skiers will enjoy the exhilaration of renowned black diamond runs. For a different experience on your Breckenridge family vacation, many family vacationers rent cross-country skis and take to the well-marked trails. Another way to top off a Breckenridge family vacation is by taking the family for a spin on a snowmobile, easily rented from several outfits in town. Wintertime in Breckenridge also brings a traditional and fun sport to family vacationers: ice fishing. Lake Dillon provides a perfect place for the whole family to try this fun activity, and families are guaranteed to bond while huddled together. A Breckenridge wintertime family vacation should also include a visit to the Breckenridge Ice Arena, which has both indoor and outdoor facilities and will bring back romance and fun in spades. Sleighrides are another popular way for family vacationers to spend a chilly Breckenridge winter day. The whole family will be snuggled under thick blankets as graceful horses glide through snow: guaranteed to make life long family vacation memories.

Breckenridge Summer Activities

The warm months are just as exciting as the cold ones on a Breckenridge family vacation. The same slopes that provide so much fun in the winter become perfect places for family vacationers to hike or mountain bike. The trails in Breckenridge are world-class and well traversed. Every level of adventurer is accommodated. There are wide and level trails for little ones or family vacationers looking for a more mild adventure, and steep and narrow trails for families who are looking to get out and explore the great outdoors. The Colorado Trail stretches through Breckenridge, and creates a perfect opportunity for families who are looking to hike a famed trail on their Breckenridge family vacation. Families are treated to sweeping views of the Swan River Valley as they trek up the mountain. White-water rafting is another time honored Breckenridge family vacation tradition: There are several rivers in the Breckenridge region, guaranteeing that there will be one tailor-made for what kind of rafting experience you are looking for you on your family vacation. Another great idea for a summertime Breckenridge family vacation is to take a hot air balloon ride, which will be one of those experiences no one on the family vacation will ever forget. Horseback riding, rock climbing, golfing and four-wheeling are also part of the Breckenridge outdoor scene in the summer. Simply pick the favorite sport of your family and it is probably available to do. This is one of the beauties of a Breckenridge family vacation.

Breckenridge Cultural Activities

Many parents like to combine learning and education in with their family vacation. This is no problem on a Breckenridge family vacation, where the museums and historic sites are accessible and fun. The kids will not even know that you are sneaking in some learning! The Historic District of Breckenridge is a great way for family vacationers to stretch their legs and see the sights. The hotels, dancehalls and saloons that once made Breckenridge a famous Old West town are still open for exploration by family vacationers. The Breckenridge Welcome Center, which is also a museum, is a great first stop for family vacationers. The whole family will love that the welcome center is built around an original log cabin that hosts displays of Breckenridge life in the 1880s. The Barney Ford House Museum is another great cultural stop on a Breckenridge family vacation. Barney Ford was a Breckenridge business man and civil rights leader who was once an escaped slave: a truly inspirational legend that family vacationers will enjoy learning. The history of Breckenridge is deeply entrenched in mining, and several mines are available for tours by family vacationers. The Washington Gold Mine is always a hit with kids on Breckenridge family vacations. This is one of the largest underground mines in the area, and today family vacationers can pan for gold on site, and sometimes even come away with a little something! The Lomax Placer Mine is another mining site worth visiting on your Breckenridge family vacation. Located near downtown, this historic site will be easy to get to and will provide a fascinating tour.

Breckenridge Festivals

Festivals are a time-honored tradition in beautiful Breckenridge. It is a good idea to plan your family vacation early if you goal is to catch one of these festivals, as they are popular and family lodging books up early. Ullr Fest is one festival that Breckenridge family vacationers love. This wacky and funky festival is a throwback to Viking times, and activities range from flinging frying pans to a crazy float parade. A more sophisticated but still fun festival to catch on your family vacation is the Breckenridge Festival of Film, when celebrities roam the streets and everything cinema is celebrated. A very popular festival in Breckenridge is the Breckenridge Beer Festival. Family vacationers should not let the name deter them from taking their family to enjoy this celebration. While the tastings are off limits to the little ones, live music, great food and lots of fun and frivolity will appeal to every member of the family, whatever their age. Families may also want to plan a family vacation during the Breckenridge Music Festival. The Music Festival focuses on classical music, but the kids will enjoy playing in the mountain air and the sweet sounds might even lull them into a nice long nap. The arts are always celebrated in Breckenridge, as well. Family vacationers will find that the July Arts Festival and the Breckenridge Main Street Art Festival, in late July, are a great way to introduce the family to art and culture in a fun, unfussy setting. The wonderful part of Breckenridge festivals is that they are all backdropped by the steep mountains, green hills and endless blue sky of the beautiful Breckenridge surroundings.

It is easy to see why Breckenridge is becoming one of the most exciting family vacation destinations in the country. Breckenridge offers outdoor activities that are unrivaled, all in a town that is pleasant, beautiful and never snooty. Families looking for the perfect Colorado Rocky family vacation need not look any further than beautiful Breckenridge.


Guest Editor: Carola Valdes

Wife and mother of two little ones, traveling is her family’s favorite pastime (as long as it’s family-friendly and fun).

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