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Albuquerque, NM

Among many other things, the American Southwest is famous for its adventure, its spirit of fun, and its beautiful scenery. Nowhere do all these things come together like on a family vacation in Albuquerque, New Mexico...

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Boston, MA

Boston, MA, has an appeal for every traveler; from those who prefer small, intimate and luxurious hotels, to the family who favors camping out under the stars. Whatever your families’ definition of fun is on an exciting family vacation, you can guarantee that it will be available to you in beautiful Boston, MA. Boston is one of the oldest cities in the entire United States, and has remained dedicated to preserving and celebrating its rich history. However, Boston also has a fun, frivolous side. Your family vacation to Boston will be just what your family needs. A little bit of history—check! A little bit of fun—check! World class, yet affordable, dining—check! The list goes on and on. All members of the family will love a Boston family vacation. In Boston, your family can have an all-American experience in a cosmopolitan, sophisticated city. From the famous Boston Harbor to a theme park that will leave your family screaming, Boston is booming with fantastic family activities. The hardest part will only be choosing which ones to do!

Boston Historical Sites

Because Boston has such an important presence in American history, a family vacation to Boston must include visits to the various historical sites. These sites are not just important to the city of Boston or the state of Massachusetts—the events that unfolded along the streets of Boston have shaped the entire destiny of our nation. One more wonderful thing about a family vacation to Boston is that everyone in the family will find new meaning and have a fresh appreciation for the past of the United States. One place that will immerse your family in American history is the Adams National Historical Park, which is comprised of the birthplaces of historical leaders John Adams and John Quincy Adams. There are also many places within the city to Boston where your family can pay homage to the bloody side of American history—a visit to the famous Boston Common will lead you to a Civil War Memorial, while the Paul Revere house will re-introduce the story of the Boston Tea Party. The best way to see all of these sights and more is to spend a day tracing the Freedom Trail, which is a three mile long ribbon of red paint that takes you from the Boston Common and along famous sites such as the Faneuil Market and the famous location of the Boston Massacre before ending in Charlestown, where you can view the Bunker Hill Monument in addition to the U.S.S. Constitution. It is true that Boston has so much history as to be slightly overwhelming. The trick to a peaceful family vacation in a busy city like Boston is to schedule and plan your adventures ahead of time. The Freedom Trail allows for easy planning. However, above all, on a Boston family vacation, it is more important to be together as a family than to see every monument and building. If it is down time you are looking for, never hesitate to grab some relaxation in the form of a family picnic or a day spent lounging around your immaculate family lodging!

Boston Neighborhoods

Like many large and historic cities, Boston is comprised of different neighborhoods, all of which have a distinct flavor. A great way to experience local culture on a family vacation is to simply roam the streets of the charming city. This is the best way to stumble upon things you may have never seen otherwise—a small little gelato shop, for instance, or a precious antique store. Visiting Boston neighborhoods puts your family in the position of finding these special moments in a unique and special place. No family vacation guide can truly show your family what they will experience. You must do that yourself! The first neighborhood to visit on a Boston family vacation is Beacon Hill, one of the smallest and most famous of Boston neighborhoods. Beacon Hill consists of tiny townhouses and historic bricked buildings; the stores and cafes here are pricey and maybe not the most ideal for a family budget. However, the eye candy in this neighborhood is always complimentary, and definitely worth a visit on your Boston family vacation! Another wonderful, historic neighborhood is Faneuil Hall, which could have literally been designed for a family vacation! This quaint, inviting neighborhood is known for its huge shopping area and entertaining sidewalk performances. This is the touristiest part of Boston, but do not let this deter you from stopping here on your family vacation. Faneuil Hall was made for family vacation fun! Harvard Square circles the famous university, however, this neighborhood is also offers an enjoyable vacation visit. Affordable cafes and shops make it a great place to grab a bite to eat, and the slow-paced, academic nature of Cambridge will be everything you expect it to be—brick cobblestoned streets, students buried in thick textbooks and best of all, a communal atmosphere, where academic, tourist and local come together. While there are many more Boston neighborhoods to visit on your family vacation, one last one to mention here is the North End, where the streets are small, confusing and seemingly jumbled together. All of this makes your visit to the North End of Boston more exciting. As one of the oldest working class neighborhoods in Boston, there is a historical site on every street. There are fancier neighborhoods in Boston, but you would be hard pressed to find a neighborhood that has as much character and friendliness as the North End.

Boston Family Activities

Your family can spend an entire Boston family vacation just taking in the astonishing city and visiting the historical sites. However, there are many places where a family can just relax and have a great time. A Boston family vacation can often make a family feel like they can never put their guidebook down. This sometimes creates disharmony within the family. This need not be the case on a Boston family vacation! If your family vacation is during the winter months, you need not let the frosty winter snow keep you indoors. The Blue Hill Ski Area, located just 12 miles from downtown Boston, offers something for every member of the family, from the snowboarding addict to the cute toddlers who prefer the easy bunny hills. Another great thing to do on a Boston family vacation is to experience firsthand why Boston is in deed Title Town U.S.A. Attend a game of NBA champs, the Boston Celtics; or NFL champs; New England Patriots, or perhaps, (most authentically Bostonian of all) the 2007 World Series champs, the well known Boston Red Sox. Any local Bostonian will tell you that there is no better place to see Boston culture at its finest—and most fun—than at a Red Sox game at the new Fenway Park. Even a family who does not enjoy professional sports will appreciate seeing Boston fans cheer on their local team. A Boston family vacation is never complete until your family has made a trip to Fenway! If you want to please every member of the family on a Boston family vacation by indulging in one of the greatest of family pastimes, then visit a thrilling theme park. The best and biggest Boston theme park is Six Flags in Springfield, which is just a short drive from Boston and is home to the #1 Steel Coaster in the world, Bizarro!

Boston Performing Arts

One wonderful thing about a Boston family vacation is when your family can decide to let someone else do the entertaining! It is relaxing and satisfying to sit in a comfy theatre seat (with or without the giant bag of popcorn) and enjoy a show taking place in front of you and your family. Boston has everything from a world renowned symphony and ballet company to productions that are more appropriate and appealing to small children. The American Reparatory Theatre, located inside Harvard Square, offers both traditional and contemporary theatre productions that cater to both adults and families. Check their website for what is playing during your Boston family retreat. Consistently rated as one of the top theatre companies within the United States, the Boston A.R.T. is a can not miss event on your Boston family getaway. Adults will enjoy a performance of the famous Boston Symphony Orchestra, but perhaps a more family friendly event on your Boston family vacation may be a trip to see the Boston Pops, which plays lighter, more modern music to entertain every member of the family. Another fun performance venue in the Boston area is the Lyric Stage, which features smart, edgy comedy for the adults and good old fashioned musicals like Kiss Me, Kate that even young members of the family will love. There will never be a dull moment upon your Boston family retreat. In fact, the biggest worry on a Boston family vacation is that the family will tire out before everything is seen and done. In Boston, you will learn a little, play a lot and come together as a family!

Boston on a Budget

Now offering private rooms, hostels are a great budget accommodation option for families. It’s not just the price of a room where you can save money; breakfast and internet access are usually included too. Hostels might also offer free city tours, games and movie rooms which will keep the kids entertained for a couple of hours. Feeding a family on holiday can get pricier three times a day, but families can use the hostel self-catering facilities to prepare a few meals and packed lunches. Try a Hostel in Boston


Guest Editor: Carola Valdes

Wife and mother of two little ones, traveling is her family’s favorite pastime (as long as it’s family-friendly and fun).

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