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Rainforest Alliance

The Rainforest Alliance

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The Rainforest Alliance works to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods by transforming land-use practices, business practices and consumer behavior.

Rainforest Alliance also supports and promotes certification in sustainable tourism as a tool for improvement and market competitiveness and we work together with local certification schemes form the countries we are working with. We are leading the Sustainable Tourism Certification Network of the Americas as a way of facilitating the communication between programs and also standardize a minimum of criteria acceptable in order to be part of the network and recognized as a verifiable program. We are currently working in the second edition of a catalog that includes all the certified businesses in the continent.

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Travel Tip For Today

Bring one pair of comfortable walking shoes as well as a pair of sandals or Tevas. Before you leave home, break in your new shoes so you're not uncomfortable on the road.

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Harvest Time Is Here

Explore Mother Nature - take a family hike. W

hen September rolls around, I always start to think about stocking up the pantry with all the beautiful produce, preserves, jams, etc. Knowing harvest time is here creates a warm and cozy family setting. The rich, vibrant, fall colors, and pleasant aroma creates an enjoyable, uplifting atmosphere. Come to think of it, all of this beauty and fall bliss is a perfect time for a fall family getaway. A visit to a rural B&B or resort area, with plenty of farmer’s markets, is just the ticket for an educational, beautiful, festive fall adventure.

Take your kids for a walk in nature's fall colors.

I’ve come across countless notices in the paper lately about farm and field dinners being hosted, as a sort of movable feast all over the country. This sounds like a great opportunity to enjoy fresh, delicious produce, grown in this fantastic fall season. There is nothing better than exquisite food from the field. Harvest time is a heavenly dining experience, as fresh meals are a sure added bonus to your much deserved family retreat. You may want to keep your eye out for notices such as these in your local paper’s food section. It is a great way to introduce your family to the real routes of what they’re eating, as well as an exceptional opportunity to try locally grown ingredients. For information regarding upcoming dinners, and this newly crazed trend in general, go to, and be sure to check out the Outstanding in the Field: A Farm to Table Cookbook for ideas for your own family.

Take a family holiday, and enjoy the sure beauty of fall. Harvest time is here, a time for joy and a time for cheer. Enjoy yourself, book a reservation at a snug B&B, and relax in the gorgeous fall weather.

The bounty of the fall harvest.



Thank you that is such wonderful advice...we too have had many family vacations that have started out with trips to explore possible new colleges and have ended up being such fun with all our family involved. You can certainly see some wonderful and unexpected sights on these road trips.

Jane Smith, Virginia.

Thank you Pamela for all your ideas. You have inspired my wife and I to take a long road trip this summer while taking our son to his new college. We are planning a different route there this time and hope to take in the many wonderful sights along the way there.

Mallard Cross, Oregon

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