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Rainforest Alliance

The Rainforest Alliance

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The Rainforest Alliance works to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods by transforming land-use practices, business practices and consumer behavior.

Rainforest Alliance also supports and promotes certification in sustainable tourism as a tool for improvement and market competitiveness and we work together with local certification schemes form the countries we are working with. We are leading the Sustainable Tourism Certification Network of the Americas as a way of facilitating the communication between programs and also standardize a minimum of criteria acceptable in order to be part of the network and recognized as a verifiable program. We are currently working in the second edition of a catalog that includes all the certified businesses in the continent.

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Shades of Orange

Lovely Autumn Colors

Autumn colors, the leaves turning oh so rapidly, the time is changing and it’s getting darker. To me, that means it’s time to brighten up! A really great way to do so is with the color of the season. Orange, whether pumpkin, azenia, carrot stick or turmeric is a color that spells optimism and energy.

If you love orange, like me, what does it say about you? You’re likely “outgoing, creative, expressive and young at heart,” says Colorstrology author and founder of Michelle Berhardt.

Choose Orange for Your Autumn Decorating

I love orange and I love to bring it into rooms, but it can also be tricky if you want it to really be a treat. Generally when using deep pumpkin, or a bright day lily, it goes best in a smaller room and is great for rooms that will be lit at night. It also makes a fabulous accent color. Whether a bright chair or stool in the kitchen, or accent pillows on the sofa. The mellower, more amber shades may be used on larger surfaces with good effect. All oranges pair beautifully with mahogany, deep dark plum, medium dark blue, white, clove, dark woods and my personal favorite, chocolate velvet. The only color to really avoid is black, which except in the tiniest amounts on accessories creates too much of a trick-or-treat atmosphere.

If you’re going to add orange to a bedroom, do so with care, but do it! Perhaps start with a throw, it could be solid or even more fun and ethnic textile, maybe a paisley. I’m also seeing more top of bed and throw pillows with hints of orange. These can really wake up many background shade bedrooms, especially those with wall shades of mossy greens, pinks and “ubiquitous beige-y.” Keep those sheets and other under bedding white to balance this very vibrant hue.

Flowers are Great Any Time of the Year

Flowers are another natural way to add shades of fall to your decor, some of the very best looking silk and dried flowers can be found in this vibrant palette. Think field poppies, day lily, chrysanthemums, tithonia, sunflowers, there are so many. Why not mix them up with some taller hat tails, wheat ornamental Chinese pumpkins for a really stand out presentation? I also noticed more lamps and other room accessories in an orange or rust hue. I don’t think you can miss with a rust colored suede leather or velvet side chair. These shades of amber also go well to punch up a blush pink room and give it a little more backbone for winter.

Enjoy Some Delicious Pumpkin Pie

Finally, I passed a house in Napa not too long ago that had a glossy front door in a rich but slightly muted pumpkin shade. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was gourd b1-2 by Dutch Boy. The door looked sensational with brass knocker, brass lamp above and flanked by terracotta pots running riot with greens and white Geranium. What a welcoming entry! I can just imagine it, with seasonal wreaths hung, if one were so inclined. Speaking of pumpkin, don’t miss out on our pumpkin pie recipes, pumpkin muffins and much, much more in the recipe section of


P.S. Some Oranges To Preview:

  • Clay Red
  • Valspar Orange Fruit
  • Orange Bead
  • Benjamin Moore Mandarin Orange
  • Behr Paints Sweet Mandarin
  • Glidden Paint Deep Garnet
  • Glidden Paint Vibrant Day Lily
  • Turmeric- Yarrow SW6669
  • Carrot Stick- Crushed Orange 250B-7
  • Wild Fire- Orange Bowl 47YR
  • Zinnia- Palomino 2011-12
  • Pumpkin Seed- Gourd B1-2
  • Autumn Orange2156-10
  • Autumn Glow 250B-6


Thank you that is such wonderful advice...we too have had many family vacations that have started out with trips to explore possible new colleges and have ended up being such fun with all our family involved. You can certainly see some wonderful and unexpected sights on these road trips.

Jane Smith, Virginia.

Thank you Pamela for all your ideas. You have inspired my wife and I to take a long road trip this summer while taking our son to his new college. We are planning a different route there this time and hope to take in the many wonderful sights along the way there.

Mallard Cross, Oregon

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