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Rainforest Alliance

The Rainforest Alliance

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The Rainforest Alliance works to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods by transforming land-use practices, business practices and consumer behavior.

Rainforest Alliance also supports and promotes certification in sustainable tourism as a tool for improvement and market competitiveness and we work together with local certification schemes form the countries we are working with. We are leading the Sustainable Tourism Certification Network of the Americas as a way of facilitating the communication between programs and also standardize a minimum of criteria acceptable in order to be part of the network and recognized as a verifiable program. We are currently working in the second edition of a catalog that includes all the certified businesses in the continent.

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Travel Tip For Today

Bring one pair of comfortable walking shoes as well as a pair of sandals or Tevas. Before you leave home, break in your new shoes so you're not uncomfortable on the road.

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Creating an Inviting Bedroom 2010

Color adds so much to the bedroom.

By now, everybody knows Im crazy about color. Theres just so much you can do with color to change the total ambiance of a room. One of the best places to experiment with color is in the bedroom. The bedroom is typically fairly small, yet highly emotionally charged. One of my favorite bedroom wall colors is blue, in any shade. . Nothing changes a room faster than paint. One of my favorite blues is Benjamin Moores Heaven on Earth; it makes you feel like the sky has just come in. Its just so restful and easy to approach. Closely related is lavender, which pairs beautifully with grays and silver/chrome accents. Nothing wakes up a dark room faster than a sunny yellow. I love Benjamin Moore # 304, Shooting Star, which is like illuminated butter. If you use yellow in a bedroom, just be sure to strengthen it with a good dose of Mahogany, Burnt Amber or Black in furnishings and accessories. Another great way to wake up a room is by wall papering, either the entire space or just one wall alone. Ive been seeing some interesting uses of wallpaper lately, especially in bed and breakfasts. Perhaps get started with wall paper by covering the inner panels of an old door, saving the extra pieces for wrapping a small tray table or pencil holder, etc to inner weave the paper pattern throughout the room.

the right light can enhance the luxuriousness of the bedroom decor.

In a small room, another great way to lighten up is to use an acrylic chair, which seems to float in space and allow you visually to go through them. Myriad furniture is another wonderful idea for a fashionable bed stand or waste basket, drawing in even more light. In a dark room, a large mirror placed opposite the window can dramatically improve the feeling of light and radiance.

The actual bed in the room is another very important factor. Whats most important in a bed? First and foremost, the mattress must be comfortable. For an exceptional, quality mattress that will stand the test of time, visit our Lanier Bed & Breakfast Mattress Collection. The bed itself, footboard and headboard should be well connected; to prohibit rocking and sliding. Or, another option is to use a platform and create your very own wonderful headboard. Keep your eyes open for an upcoming column on creative headboards! With a beautiful box spring, cover your cozy bed in beautiful chocolate mohair and nicely top with comfortable, crisp, clean sheets. No room in the house is more important than the master bedroom, not only is it where you spend a third of your life, but so many of lifes momentous occasions take place within those walls. There are many, many ways to give any bedroom, no matter how small, dark or drear, a wonderful snug, comforting feel. I like a bedroom to feel very comforting. If your room is extra small, consider installing a pocket door to the bedroom and bath, if adjoining. Think of those two spaces as visual extensions of the bedroom.

Everyone knows Im a big fan of crisp, white sheets. They just always look so clean and fresh. Im also big on upholstering the box spring or simply covering it with a deep fitted sheet for a smooth and continuous look. I, for one, also like a bed thats pretty high off the ground. The height creates a special feel to crawl in and can also give you a better view out the windows. A big bedside table, even in a small space, is to my mind an absolute must. If it has shelves beneath it, it can also serve a multi purpose; so much the better. There are just so many things you need room for on a bedside table: books, clock, flowers, iPod dock, a good reading light (although I like the lights that attach to wall on swing arms as well.) Ive recently seen at a recent bed and breakfast a small feminine desk used clearly as a bedside table against the wall, which can double both as a writing desk or bedside table. The drawers can handle personal items. Every room also needs a chair or if space is tight, consider a bench. You can still sit down to put on your shoes and drop a bag. Another great way to delineate a bedroom and create drama is by taking advantage of the verticality of a 4 poster bed and the way it adds romance to the room. Under the bed, I like to use an area rug to fit the space and visually define it. Locate either an inexpensive pre cut area rug or find a wonderful, luxurious bolt end and ask your carpet store to bind the edges. This will give you a high defined custom look for a very cost effective price.

Make bedroom accesories the accents to your decorations.

Nothing is more dated than old window treatments. So, if your room is guilty of this, here are my thoughts... Install new window treatments. I love the selection at Bed Bath and Beyond. Find a nice substantial pole to harmonize with your dcor and use it behind either a blackout drape or a blackout blind to create total privacy and that wonderful were all by ourselves feel. Finally, a must have, some fresh flowers. Even one stem will add a sense of light and life to your dcor. One more tip outfit a small side lamp with a low watt pink bulb and leave that burning for background ambiance. I promise you will never look so good!


Side Note: Bread baking clubs are all the rage, and why not? because heres a hobby that brings folks together and allows anyone to express their creativity and make something that theyre sure to enjoy. Would your inn be a good location for a bread club? Meeting on a week night may be a perfect time for everyone to get together. Check out more ideas on


Thank you that is such wonderful advice...we too have had many family vacations that have started out with trips to explore possible new colleges and have ended up being such fun with all our family involved. You can certainly see some wonderful and unexpected sights on these road trips.

Jane Smith, Virginia.

Thank you Pamela for all your ideas. You have inspired my wife and I to take a long road trip this summer while taking our son to his new college. We are planning a different route there this time and hope to take in the many wonderful sights along the way there.

Mallard Cross, Oregon

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