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Travel Tip For Today

Bring one pair of comfortable walking shoes as well as a pair of sandals or Tevas. Before you leave home, break in your new shoes so you're not uncomfortable on the road.

Carousel Press Family Travel Books: 3

Travel Tips


Books for the Traveling Family

(The catalogue is in three files: Carousel Press - Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3)

To order any of these books and for further information, contact Carole Terwilliger Meyers, Carousel Press, (510) 527-5849. Email:

* MAGNETIC CHECKERS. board 4-1/2" x 6". $6.95.
* MAGNETIC SOLITAIRE. board 4-1/2" x 3". $4.95.
* MAGNETIC TIC-TAC-TOE. board 4-1/2" x 3". $4.95.
Savings Special: Order a set of all three games for only $14.95! The space-saving design of these magnetic games makes them perfect for travel. They store conveniently in the glove compartment, and extra magnetic markers and a protective cover are included.

30pp; 4x6; color illus and maps; hardcover. $9.95/each. Each of these charming books allows you to teach your child about world wonders, while at the same time you reteach yourself! A map, short description, and two-page pop-up spread are included for each wonder. Recommended for ages 7+.

* MILES OF SMILES: 101 GREAT CAR GAMES & ACTIVITIES. 128pp; 9x6; b&w illus. $8.95. Anyone who has ever been trapped in a hot car with bored kids is well aware that they need a sure-fire way of easing the resulting tensions. This book fills that need and, according to one enthusiastic user, 'may be the ultimate solution for back seat squabbling.' It is filled with games and activities that have travel-related themes. 97 require just your minds and mouths to play, and the other four need only simple props'a penny, a pencil, and some crayons. Recommended for ages 4+.

* IMAGES: THE ULTIMATE COLORING EXPERIENCE. 100pp; 9x9. $6.95. Hidden within the geometric design on each page is an infinite number of pictures, forms, and patterns. Some children see animals or flowers, others see abstract patterns. All that is needed to unlock your children's creative potential is some colored pencils or felt-tip pens. Recommended for ages 8+.

* WHAT TO DO BETWEEN HERE & THERE: ACTIVITIES FOR FAMILIES ON THE GO. 138pp; 6x8; b&w illus. $4.95. Perfect for the glove compartment, this book promises to 'turn humdrum traveling time into fun-filled hours of discovery.' Filled with topics that stimulate discussion, the book's goal is to improve communication. Among the 260 numbered activities designed to test, tax, and toy with your imagination: sing a song about yourself; describe your mother; plan the movie about your life. All you have to do is select a number and start talking.

* NOAH'S ARK. 20pp; 12x12; color illus. $7.95. Especially appropriate for a rainy vacation day, this book has models for children to punch out, assemble, and play with. After everything is assembled, the humorous Bible-based text remains intact to tell and retell the story of Noah and his ark. Recommended for ages 6-10.

* SHADOWGRAPHS ANYONE CAN MAKE. 32pp; 10x8; b&w illus; hardcover. $8.95. A facsimile edition of a classic first published in 1927, this book shows you how to bring to life many delightful characters'a rabbit, a panther, Mother Hubbard and her dog. With just a darkened room, a light, and your hands, you and your family can have old-fashioned fun re-creating these handshadows'and inventing new ones of your own!

* THE JUNIOR QUESTION COLLECTION. Recommended for ages 5-11.
* THE QUESTION COLLECTION. Recommended for ages 12+.
184pp; 8x5; b&w illus. $7.95/each. Each of these books is filled with questions about famous people, places, sports, and more. They are fun for kids and adults to use together to make time go faster while traveling. Answers are provided in the back.

AMERICAN ART. Sixty works from the Smithsonian's National Museum of American Art are featured. As children color in two centuries of great American paintings, they can see the U.S.A. through the eyes of its greatest artists.

ARCHITECTURE. From tunnels to skyscrapers, from cottages to castles, this book features 60 landmarks. Children are exposed to 5,000 years of architectural marvels.

MASTERPIECES. Sixty wonderful European paintings are featured. 128pp; 9x11; b&w illus. $8.95/each. Each two-page spread includes both a color-in outline and the story behind it. Recommended for ages 7+.

* STICKER FUN. $4.95. Kids who love stickers are going to love making their own. This activity kit includes 54 stickers with intricate designs to color in, plus 6 non-toxic color markers. Recommended for ages 5+.

* TALES FOR TRAVELLERS. 4x8. $5.95. Each of these eight short stories, printed on six separate oversize sheets of paper, is appropriate for families. When not in use, they fold neatly into a protective vinyl case that is the perfect size to tuck into a purse or glove compartment. Rope, by Katherine Anne Porter, had my whole family howling with laughter while we were stranded in our cabin waiting to disembark a cruise ship. Other stories are by Robert Frost, O. Henry, Grace Paley, Frank Stockton, Leigh Hunt, Frank O'Connor, and L.A.G. Strong.

* STICKER GAMES: LICENSE PLATES, ROAD SIGNS, and TRUCKS. 8x11; color illus. $11.95/set. Each of these three games comes with a game board and full color peel-off stickers. As children find the appropriate license plate, road sign, or truck, they press its sticker in place on a special game board.

* UNGAME/FAMILIES VERSION. 140 cards; 5x4. $9.95. Easy for everyone to play together in the car, this game actually improves listening skills. Learn more about each other by answering questions designed to foster understanding and acceptance. Get in some of that elusive 'quality time' we all hear about, and have fun while you do it.

* WIKKI STIX TRAVEL FUN KIT. 8pp; 6x9; color illus. $3.95. Savings Special: Two Wikki Stix Travel Fun Kits for only $6.95! Children enjoy easy, clean, safe fun with these flexible wax-covered yarn strands that are similar to pipe cleaners. The kit includes 24 reusable Wikki Stix, a booklet with suggestions for making travel-related designs, and a plastic storage bag. Recommended for ages 4+.


* GAMES FOR THE ROAD. 16pp; 5x8. $9.95. Designed by a veteran teacher, this tape features 23 educational, entertaining, and noncompetitive games. You just pop it into the car tape player, listen to a game suggestion, and then pop it out again. It's always ready with a new game. The accompanying booklet describes each game and gives a rating of difficulty. Games require no props, pencils, or paper. Recommended for ages 5+.

* KIDZ FAMILY CAR SONGBOOK AND AUDIO CASSETTE. 128pp; 5x8; b&w illus. $9.95. This songbook contains the complete lyrics to 40 favorite traditional songs. The 60-minute cassette provides musical accompaniment for 22. Recommended for ages 2+.

* EARTH STORIES. $17.95/set. Storyteller Jay O'Callahan recognized children's need to play when he developed the three colorful felt fingerpuppets that go along with his charming story tape. Perfect for travel and for calming backseat fidgets, they bring Jay's original characters to life. Here is Herman the worm, Marguerite the caterpillar, Marguerite the butterfly, and Marguerite's chrysalis'which doubles as a carrying case.

#1 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (performed by Roald Dahl).
#2 Black Beauty (performed by Claire Bloom).
#3 The Story of Babar and The Travels of Babar (performed by Louis Jourdan).
#4 The Wizard of Oz (performed by Ray Bolger).
#5 Aesop's Fables (performed by Boris Karloff).
#6 Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (performed by George S. Irving) $10.95/each.
These exciting tapes will put your family's imaginations to work. Great stories are told in an attention-holding manner with interesting voices and sound effects. Always have a new one on hand for those chaotic moments when you become tired of interacting.

* TRAFFIC JAMS. $9.95. Everyone in our family likes the catchy, original, and witty songs on this tape. Our youngest requests it over and over. I like to pull it out to calm us all down'especially during a...traffic jam! It begins appropriately with a song titled 'Buckle Up' and ends with 'Evening Breeze Lullaby,' but my family's favorite is 'Goo Goo Ga Ga.' A lyrics sheet is enclosed. Recommended for ages 3-10.

* TRAVELIN' MAGIC. $10.95. Among these cheerful contemporary and traditional travel songs are several gems: 'Beep Beep' (the story-song about a race between a Volkswagen and a Cadillac) and 'Wheels on the Bus' (go 'round and 'round, all around the town). The whole family will enjoy listening and singing along. Printed lyrics are included.


*HOW TO ORGANIZE A BABYSITTING COOPERATIVE AND GET SOME FREE TIME AWAY FROM THE KIDS. 82pp; 6x9; b&w illus. $6.95. A babysitting cooperative is simply a group of parents who exchange babysitting services with one another, usually in their own homes. No money is involved. This valuable resource is the only book available on the subject and is essential for anyone who is having trouble finding, or paying for, babysitters.

* THE KIDS' CATALOG COLLECTION. 288pp; 6x9; b&w illus. $11.95. If you enjoy shopping from the convenience of your home, you're going to like this helpful book. The subtitle reads 'a selective guide to more than 500 catalogs jam-packed with toys, books, clothes, sporting goods, party supplies, and everything else kids want and need.'

* DON'T TAKE MY PICTURE! 102pp; 6x9; b&w photos. $9.95. This easy-to-understand guide promises to improve your photos 100%. Pointers are given on how to make everyone look good and on how to photograph celebrations and special times. A must for anyone with a camera.


* A GRANDPARENT'S BOOK. 144pp; 8x11; hardcover. $14.95. This fill-in memory book is an easy, neat way to compile a family history. Give it to the grandparents as a retirement project. Or, better yet, take it along the next time you visit them and work on it together. Or fill it in with them bit by bit during phone calls. But just do it!

* ALL ABOUT ME. 24pp; 8x10; color illus. $3.95. With this fill-in book, children can create a personal record about themselves. It will be an especially nice memento to have when they are all grown up! Recommended for ages 5-8.

* MY FIRST FAMILY TREE BOOK. 24pp; 7x10; color illus. $3.95. As children fill in these colorful activity pages, they will uncover treasured family stories and see their unique family history unfold. Recommended for ages 5-8.


Travel Papers are short, information-packed articles about a particular destination. Unless otherwise noted, all are written by California-based travel writer Carole Terwilliger Meyers' a family travel authority. Most of the Travel Papers offered here supplement general guidebooks by including useful, detailed information of value to families. Articles range in length from one to seven pages. They are single-spaced and printed on one side of letter-size paper. Travel Papers are available only through The Family Travel Guides Catalogue. Note that some of these articles are included in the new book The Family Travel Guide: An Inspiring Collection of Family-Friendly Vacations.


* BEVERLY HILLS 90210 WITH KIDS. ($4) Where to stay, where to eat, and what to do in this mecca of extravagance.

* BUDGET FAMILY VACATIONS IN NORTHERN CALIFORNIA. ($3) Five inexpensive family vacations.

* DEATH VALLEY DAZE. ($4) When to go and where to stay, where to eat, and what to do in the country's hottest, driest spot. A two-day sightseeing itinerary is included, plus special stop-over information for travelers driving from northern California.

* GOING HOLLYWOOD...IN SEARCH OF THE STARS. ($4) Good restaurants and hotels for families, plus information on the Universal Studios tour and how to see movies being filmed.

* HOT SPOTS ON THE BEACH: SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA RESORTS THAT WELCOME KIDS. ($4) The nitty-gritty on four magnificent beach resorts with special children's programs. Two are in the Laguna Beach area, one is in Santa Monica, and another is in Oxnard.

* THE MISSIONS. ($4) The scoop on the 21 Franciscan missions that stretch from San Diego to Sonoma.

* SAN DIEGO. ($4) The best hotels and attractions, plus several sidetrips.

* SANTA BARBARA. ($4) Beachfront lodgings, plus where to eat and what to see.

* SOLVANG. ($3) Where to stay and eat and what to see and do in this replica Danish town located just north of Santa Barbara.


* THE ENGLISH SIDE OF VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA. ($3) Experience a bit of England in this lovely seaside town. Where to stay, eat, and sightsee.


* BERMUDA: THE FAMILY ISLAND by Katherine Rodeghier. ($4) Where to stay, where to eat, and what to do.

* JAMAICA WITH KIDS?: NO PROBLEM, MON! ($4) The details on visiting this lush island, plus the nitty-gritty on a luxurious all-inclusive family-oriented resort.


* PIKES PEAK AND SURROUNDS by Katherine Rodeghier. ($4) What to do, where to stay, and where to eat in Colorado Springs, plus some exciting day trip suggestions.


* ENGLAND: THE WEST COUNTRY by Dan & Wendy Hallinan. ($4) What to see and do with children on the south coast in Devon, Dorset, and Cornwall counties.

* EXPRESSING THROUGH EUROPE by W. Lynn Seldon, Jr. ($4) All the details on making a Eurailpass work for you and your family.

* FAMILY-FRIENDLY LONDON. ($4) Where to stay, where to eat, and what to do.

* A FAMILY'S ITALIAN ODYSSEY by Lori Martin. ($3) Recommendations on attractions and lodgings in Rome, Florence, and Venice.

* GERMANY'S FAIRY TALE ROAD ($4) This area in northeastern Germany is where most of the Grimm Brothers' tales originated. This recently tested itinerary provides everything you need to know to plan a memorable family trip: where to stay (including several castles), where to eat, and what to see.

* PARIS FOR CHILDREN by Dan & Wendy Hallinan. ($4) What to see and do with children, plus some information on kid-friendly French food.

* ROME FOR CHILDREN by Dan & Wendy Hallinan. ($4) What to see and do with children, and where to eat with them, in and around Rome.


* HINTS FOR TRAVELING TO HAWAII WITH CHILDREN by Christie Stilson & Sherry Alexander. ($2) Two authorities provide the details about what to bring and how to survive the trek over.

* MAUI WITH KIDS by Christie Stilson. ($3) An authority provides information on family-friendly lodgings, restaurants, and attractions.

* ON THE ROAD TO HANA. ($4) Why you should drive this legendary Maui road with your kids, plus where to stay and eat.

* ON TOP OF THE VOLCANO. ($3) Have a mountain experience on the Big Island. Where to stay and what to do at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

* WAIKIKI WIKI WIKI (FAST) WITH THE KEIKIS (KIDS). ($4) Where to stay, where to eat, and what to do for a few days in a part of paradise that is often overlooked by families.


* BALTIMORE BECKONS FAMILIES by Lori Martin. ($2) Where to stay and what to do on a quick family vacation.


* SANTA FE by Dan & Wendy Hallinan. ($4) What to see and do with children in and around Santa Fe, plus some family-friendly dining suggestions.


* FUN IN NEW YORK CITY...WITH THE KIDS! ($4) Where to stay and eat and six days worth of sightseeing.


* CAMPING FAVORITES. ($3) Several special spots'one is on an Indian reservation and offers the option of renting a tepee complete with an open firepit for cooking.

* HIGHWAY ATTRACTIONS. ($4) Detailed descriptions of attractions that make good rest stops along Coast Route 101 and Highway 5.


* PARADISE ON A BUDGET: A FAMILY VACATION IN TAHITI by Joyce Gregory Wyels. ($3) Details on a great family resort, plus some helpful hints on planning your trip.


* WASHINGTON, D.C. ($4) Lodgings and restaurants amenable to families, as well as don't-miss sights and sidetrip suggestions.


* SEATTLE. ($3) The best attractions to enjoy with kids, plus details on two worthwhile sidetrips in southern Washington: Mount St. Helens and Northwest Trek Wildlife Park.


* CLUB MED FOR FAMILIES by Katherine Rodeghier. ($3) What it's like to visit a Club Med with children and which are the best ones for families.

* CONDOMINIUMS. ($3) Why they are great for families, plus details on seven special condominium resorts: two at Lake Tahoe in California, one on Kauai and two on Maui in Hawaii, one in central Oregon, and one in the Colorado Rockies.

* CREATIVE WAYS TO USE POSTCARDS. ($1) Great ideas for using these inexpensive souvenirs.

* CRUISING GUIDELINES FOR FAMILIES by Lee Scott. ($4) How to evaluate the family-friendliness of a particular ship. Includes checklists and a form to help you plan a budget.

* FAMILY RIVER TRIPS by Julie Snyder. ($3) What it's like, plus a list of outfitters that offer family trips.

* FAMILY TRAVEL PACKAGES. ($4) A growing number of travel packagers are now offering special family trips. The operators detailed here promise everything from relatively inexpensive visits to midwestern working farms to luxurious island resort vacations. There are even trekking trips through the Himalayas!

* GOODIE BAGS. ($2) Suggestions for inexpensive items to keep kids occupied during travel. Also, suggestions for Picnic, Music, and Beach Play goodie bags.

* HELPFUL HINTS FOR TRAVELING WITH CHILDREN. ($4) Hints for planning trips, for car comfort and entertainment, and for souvenirs'even ideas for when things degenerate.

* RESTAURANT HINTS AND GAMES. ($4) Hints to help make dining out with children more enjoyable, plus some games to play while you're waiting for the food to arrive.

* TRAVELING AGE CHARACTERISTICS OF CHILDREN by Arlene Kay Butler. ($3) The best types of vacations to take with children in various age categories.

* TRAVELING WITH TEENS. ($4) Hints on how to survive with them along, plus some suggestions on Trips Teens Will Tolerate.

* VACATIONING WITH GRANDCHILDREN. ($3) Give this to your parents and encourage them to embark on what will surely be a fantastic 'transgenerational' trip.


* FAMILY TRAVEL TIMES 8-12pp; 10/year. $6/sample issue. Published by TWYCH (Travel with Your Children), this newsletter covers domestic and world-wide travel news of interest to families. Subscribers can call their office for free information services.


* INFORMATION PLEASE! ($2) Provides the phone numbers (800 numbers when available) for all the Visitors Bureaus for the 50 states, plus numbers for the major domestic hotel chains, airlines, and car rental agencies.

* UNITED STATES LICENSE PLATE GAME. ($2) On your next trip keep your kids busy with this easy-to-use car game. As kids spot license plates, they color in the state on the U.S. map. (I boost my kids' trip money by giving them 25› for each state they find and a $1 bonus if they find all 50.) Also included: some geography problems, a list of the postal abbreviations for all 50 states, and each state's capital.

* VANITY PLATE DIARY. ($2) This handy form allows you to keep in one place a record of all those clever personalized license plates that you spot on car trips. Several license plate games are included, as is a list of postal abbreviations for all 50 states.

To order any of these books and for further information, contact Carole Terwilliger Meyers, Carousel Press, (510) 527-5849.

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