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Bring one pair of comfortable walking shoes as well as a pair of sandals or Tevas. Before you leave home, break in your new shoes so you're not uncomfortable on the road.

Carousel Press Family Travel Books: 2

Travel Tips


Books for the Traveling Family

To order any of these books and for further information, contact Carole Terwilliger Meyers, Carousel Press, (510) 527-5849. Email:

(This is the second section of three parts: Carousel Press: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3)


* BAJA HANDBOOK. 356pp. $13.95.
These books are similar to their companion volume, Alaska-Yukon Handbook.

* 50 GREAT FAMILY VACATIONS: EASTERN NORTH AMERICA. 512pp; 6x9; b&w photos, maps. $17.95. Covering five regions (New England, the South, the mid-Atlantic states, the Midwest, and Canada), this guide describes 50 great family vacations. Information includes where to stay, where to eat, and what to do.

* GUIDE TO EASTERN CANADA. (4th ed.) 406pp; 6x9; b&w photos, maps. $15.95. Information on sightseeing, lodging, and restaurants is provided in this comprehensive guide to year-round travel in Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland-Labrador, and Prince Edward Island.

* GUIDE TO WESTERN CANADA. (3rd ed.) 384pp; 6x9; b&w photos, maps. $16.95. Covers British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon, and the Northwest Territories.

* THE PELICAN GUIDE TO THE BAHAMAS. (2nd ed.) 336pp; 5x9; maps. $12.95. This comprehensive guide offers an in-depth look at this exotic chain of islands that begins just 50 miles off the coast of Florida. Restaurants and sightseeing are detailed, and information is included on family accommodations.

* GUIDE TO THE NATIONAL PARK AREAS: WESTERN STATES/EASTERN STATES. 353pp/315pp; 5x8; b&w photos, maps. $14.95/each. Between them, these two guides cover the National Park Areas either west or east of the Mississippi. Information is included on an area's history, points of interest, and activities, as well as on food and lodging, camping, hunting, and fishing facilities.

32pp; 9x12; color illus; hardcover. 16.95 each.
More than just a pretty face, each of these beautifully illustrated story books also teaches a valuable life lesson. HANA'S YEAR takes readers on a journey to a timeless corner of Japan, where Kenji and his grandmother make indigo blue kimono cloth and a little monkey dares to resist peer pressure. JOMO AND MATA takes readers on a safari to the East African savannah, where two brother elephants endure a drought and outgrow their sibling rivalry. KYLIE'S CONCERT takes readers down under to the eucalyptus forests of Australia, where a singing koala proves that every voice makes a difference. PEQUE¥A THE BURRO takes readers south to colorful and historical Mexico City, where a fuzzy gray burro learns the importance of her heritage. All are recommended for ages 5-9.

* THE MAVERICK GUIDE TO AUSTRALIA. 408pp; 6x9; maps. $12.95. Though no family details are included, this is an excellent guide to a 'hot' destination. Information is provided on hotels, restaurants, and sightseeing. The author also includes extensive background information and tells what to avoid. Sidney, Melbourne, Perth, and Canberra are fully described, and suggestions for camping in the Great Outback are included.

* STAYING HEALTHY IN ASIA, AFRICA, AND LATIN AMERICA. 185pp; 5x7; b&w illus, maps. $10.95. This is an absolutely essential resource for anyone who is traveling short or long term in these areas. Besides providing a complete overview of the health problems that exist in these areas, the book tells what immunizations are required and recommended, what heath supplies to take with you, how to eat and drink safely, and precautions for heat, cold, and high altitude.


* ADVENTURE HOLIDAYS. 176pp; 6x9; b&w photos. $12.95. Organized adventure vacations in over 100 countries are described. Activities include bicycle touring, gorilla tracking, hang-gliding, pony trekking, summer skiing, and more. Minimum age is mentioned, and many trips are appropriate for families with young children.

* BEST PLACES TO GO: A FAMILY DESTINATION GUIDE. 350pp; 5x8; b&w illus, maps. $14.95. For each country, information is included on health and safety, on how to find low-budget lodging, and on natural and cultural points of interest. Covers Newfoundland, the Canadian Maritimes, the U.S. Intracoastal Waterway, Florida, the Yucatan Peninsula, Belize, Guatemala, Costa Rica, the Bahamas, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, England, Scotland, Ireland, Norway, Finland, France, Portugal, Austria, Greece, Morocco, and the Island of Madeira.

* THE AMUSEMENT PARK GUIDE. 248pp; 6x9; b&w photos. $12.95. This book includes detailed descriptions of over 250 amusement and theme parks in the U.S. and Canada. Use it to plan outings in your own neck of the woods and to plan side trips on visits to other areas.

* INDIAN AMERICA. (3rd ed.) 432pp; 6x9; b&w photos. $18.95. This award-winning guide book tells you how and where to find over 300 Indian tribes in the U.S. Historical insight and archival photographs are woven in, and an appendix provides information on activities.

* BOOKS ON THE MOVE: A READ-ABOUT-IT GO-THERE GUIDE TO AMERICA'S BEST FAMILY DESTINATIONS. 368pp; 6x9. $13.95. With this resource you can make your family vacations both fun and educational. According to the authors, 'Choosing a destination that matches your family's interests and then reading up on the topic and place in advance will enrich both parents and children.' In addition to suggesting destinations, this book lists dozens of children's titles (including age ranges and brief descriptions) specifically related to each destination and topic'animals, history, sports, the arts, geography, nature, etc. For instance, if someone in your family is particularly fond of teddy bears, you might want to read them the story of Corduroy by Don Freeman and then plan a vacation in San Francisco'with a visit to the Basic Brown Bear Factory and Store for a tour and souvenir.

* CRUISING WITH CHILDREN. 100pp; 8x11. $22.
* SKIING WITH CHILDREN. 200pp; 8x11. $29.
Published by TWYCH (Travel With Your Children), the cruise guide covers approximately 100 ships. Although the price may seem steep, it consists of detailed data sheets that will help you select the best cruise for your family. The ski book is organized similarly and covers the U.S. and Canada.

* DINOSAUR DIGS: PLACES WHERE YOU CAN DISCOVER PREHISTORIC CREATURES. 128pp; 8x11; b&w and color photos. $18.95. The definitive travel guide for folks who dig dinosaurs, this book uncovers the best museums, displays, programs, and vacations that are centered around these creatures. One chapter is devoted to describing volunteer opportunities for teens and adults on museum digs. Covers the U.S. and Canada.

* STEEL, SMOKE & STEAM: A GUIDE TO AMERICA'S SCENIC RAILROADS. 128pp; 8x11; b&w illus, color photos. $12.95. This picturesque guide to restored railways in the U.S. and Canada is sure to inspire some exciting family vacations. It also provides some great armchair travel.

* PETERSON'S SUMMER OPPORTUNITIES FOR KIDS AND TEENAGERS. 1,009pp; 9x11, b&w photos. $21.95. This gargantuan directory describes nearly 1,400 programs'including over 200 academic programs and 400 accredited camps' subdivided into 300 types of activities! Everything you need to know for decision-making is included. Covers U.S. and abroad.

* RANCH VACATIONS: THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO GUEST AND RESORT, FLY-FISHING, AND CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING RANCHES. (2nd ed.) 416pp; 7x10; b&w and color photos. $18.95. A stay on a ranch affords your family a back-to-the-land experience refreshingly free of the complexities of city life. This book describes in detail over 200 ranches in 26 states and 2 Canadian provinces and includes information on children's programs.

* THE FAMILY TRAVEL GUIDE: AN INSPIRING COLLECTION OF FAMILY-FRIENDLY VACATIONS. 300pp; 6x9; b&w photos. $14.95. These tales from the trenches promise to help you avoid some of the pitfalls of traveling with children! Information is included on the hot spots of family travel (California, Hawaii, Washington D.C., Europe) as well as on lesser-trouted havens (Las Vegas, New York City, Singapore, Jamaica), and how-to-do-it details are provided on home exchanging, RVing, selecting souvenirs, and traveling with teens. A comprehensive book list annotates travel guides and travel-related children's literature that are currently in print. (This anthology includes many of this catalogue's Travel Papers, plus an extensive selection of other articles.)

* RECOMMENDED FAMILY INNS OF AMERICA. 304pp; 6x9; b&w illus, maps. $12.95. Including only the best inns, this guide pays special attention to the interests and needs of families. Indexes help you find inns with cabins, with cross-country skiing, and with farm animals. Whether elegant or casual, these 100 inns all welcome your children.

* RECOMMENDED FAMILY RESORTS. (2nd ed.) 288pp; 6x9; b&w photos. $12.95. The top 100 family resorts are described in detail. They span the U.S., including Hawaii, and a few are also in Canada and the Caribbean. All promise attractive surroundings, good dining facilities, babysitting services, and recreational activities for adults and children to enjoy separately and together.

* SUPER FAMILY VACATIONS. (2nd ed.) 510pp; 5x8; b&w photos. $13.95. This selective and detailed guide to 115 great vacations in the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean includes resorts, guest ranches, ski areas, historic sites, cruise ships, adventure trips, and nature spots. Each welcomes children. Includes information on accommodations, restaurants, and sightseeing. It is indeed super!

* THE ZOO BOOK: A GUIDE TO AMERICA'S BEST. 288pp; 6x9; b&w photos. $14.95. Detailed descriptions of the top 53 U.S. zoos are included. The author has visited each zoo and his review includes hours and admission fees, driving and bus directions, don't miss exhibits, touring tips to make a visit easier and more efficient, and details on the entertainment available. Each zoo's featured exhibits are highlighted'plus other exhibits are described, special attractions for the kids are noted, and what's new at the zoo is discussed. Smaller zoos, aquariums, and other places that display animals are also described, as are noteworthy zoos in Canada, Mexico, Europe, and other areas of the world. An entire chapter is devoted to descriptions and photos of interesting zoo animals.

* TRAVEL WITH CHILDREN. (2nd ed.) 160pp; 5x7; b&w illus. $10.95. The authors, who have traveled all over the world with their children, give advice on independent travel with kids of all ages. The focus is on traveling in Third World countries. Brief first-hand accounts are provided on trips to Bali, the Cook Islands, Mexico, Africa, Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, the Australian Outback, South America, Indonesia, New Zealand, and China.


* RAND McNALLY CHILDREN'S ATLAS OF THE UNITED STATES. 112pp; 9x11; color photos, illus, and maps. Hardcover $14.95. Softcover $7.95. Two pages of information are presented on each state. Attractive illustrations of the state's flower, tree, and bird are included. This is perfect to read with your child as you plan visits to new states. It also makes a useful reference book for homework. Recommended for ages 8-12.

* RAND McNALLY KIDS' U.S. ROAD ATLAS. 80pp; 9x11; color illus and maps. $3.95. This is the first road atlas designed especially for children. Using travel games and puzzles, it helps children learn more about each U.S. state. Recommended for ages 6-12.

* RAND McNALLY CHILDREN'S WORLD ATLAS. 94pp; 9x11; color photos, illus, and maps. Hardcover $14.95. Softcover $7.95. This is the one your kids will reach for when working on geography-related homework problems. It also comes in handy when you are planning family trips. Recommended for ages 8-12.

* RAND McNALLY STICKER ATLAS OF THE WORLD. 16pp; 8x12; color illus and maps. $4.95. Learning about geography is fun with this unique atlas. Over 100 brightly colored, reusable stickers illustrate world flags, industries, points of interest, and animals. The text is easy to understand, yet informative. Recommended for age 6-10.


* LYRIC LANGUAGE VIDEO CASSETTE: FRENCH, GERMAN, ITALIAN, and SPANISH. 35-minute video cassette. $14.95/each. Designed similarly to the audio cassettes', each video introduces each song with an animated segment. Then live action shows real children on adventures at the beach, at the zoo, and up in a hot air balloon.

* LYRIC LANGUAGE AUDIO CASSETTE: FRENCH, GERMAN, ITALIAN, SPANISH, and SWEDISH. 30-minute audio cassette; 24pp booklet with color illus. $9.95/each. These musical foreign language programs include upbeat songs with fun lyrics and captivating melodies. Sung in both English and the foreign language, they invite children to listen and learn or to join in and sing. Each tape features ten songs and a booklet illustrated with Bil Keane's Family Circus characters. Recommended for ages 4 .


* ADVENTURING WITH CHILDREN. 328pp; 6x9; b&w photos. $14.95. The authors of this book have backpacked, sailed, bicycled, and canoed on four continents with their twin sons. Using many personal anecdotes, they tell outdoor enthusiasts how to share similar family travel adventures away from resorts and theme parks. Information about destination possibilities and on living abroad is also included.

* FAMILY CAMPING MADE SIMPLE: TENT AND RV CAMPING WITH CHILDREN. 242pp; 6x9; b&w photos. $12.95. This author draws on 30 years of camping experience with her six children. Information is included on choosing equipment, packing, setting up camp, preparing meals, safety'even what to do when it rains and how to preserve memories.

* TAKE 'EM ALONG. 128pp; 6x9; b&w photos. $7.95. By including your children in the outdoor activities you enjoyed before you were a parent, not only do you get to continue enjoying them, but you also enrich your children's lives by introducing them to new environments and experiences. This book tells you how to hike, backpack, cross-country ski, horse pack, canoe, and bicycle with your children. It features a 'yes-you-can' approach and is filled with real-life stories of success.

* TRAVELING WITH CHILDREN AND ENJOYING IT. 306pp; 6x9; b&w photos. $11.95. This 'complete guide to family travel by car, plane, and train' provides tips on everything from making initial plans to readjusting to life back home. You'll learn how to pack the right clothes and gear, how to eliminate backseat squabbles, how to help children find inexpensive trip mementos, and how to cut costs and still have a great time. Detailed checklists for planning and packing are also included.

* TRADING PLACES: THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF VACATION HOME EXCHANGING. 214pp; 6x9; b&w illus. $9.95. This book tells you what vacation home exchanging is, how it works, and how you can participate. It tells you about pitfalls to avoid, about how to be a good guest in someone else's home, and about how to take advantage of an exchange when you have children and pets along. Inspirational stories from people who have exchanged homes worldwide are also included.

* TROUBLE-FREE TRAVEL WITH CHILDREN. 156pp; 5x8; b&w illus. $6.95. Packed with the practical tips author Vicki Lansky is known for, this book is designed to help you get where you're going with your family with less stress. Helpful hints for planning, packing, and eating and sleeping away from home are included, as are ideas for surviving car, plane, train, and bus travel.


* THE AMERICAS: A STICKER ATLAS OF DISCOVERY AND EXPLORATION. 16pp; 8x11; color illus, maps. $5.95. Featuring a fold-out map and reusable stickers, this activity book tells the history of the Americas in language children can understand. Recommended for ages 5-8.

* ARE WE THERE YET? 48pp; 8x11; color and b&w illus. $3.95. This activity book is filled with travel games, puzzles, and quizzes for the whole family. Recommended for ages 6-12.

* BEST TRAVEL ACTIVITY BOOK EVER. 320pp; 8x11; b&w illus. $5.95. Keep the kids busy with pictures to color, games to play, riddles and puzzles to solve, dot-to-dots, educational quizzes, and fascinating mazes. Recommended for ages 4-10.

* CAMPFIRE CHILLERS. 192pp; 5x6; b&w illus. $9.95. Next time your kids beg for a ghost story, surprise them with one from this frightening collection. The nine classic chillers include The Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe, The Monkey's Paw by W. W. Jacobs, and The Ghost of Fear by H. G. Wells.

* CAMPFIRE SONGS. 192pp; 5x6. $9.95. This compact book is easy to pack in a suitcase, backpack, or glove compartment and features a waterproof, tear-resistent cover designed to last. With it you will never again be at a loss for the words (and scores) of traditional favorites when you are in the mood for an informal sing-along'whether around a campfire or in the car.

* CAMPFIRE STORIES...THINGS THAT GO BUMP IN THE NIGHT. 192pp; 6x9. $9.95. These scary stories were written by a scoutmaster who made good use of them himself. He suggests reading your selection ahead of time, and then telling the story 'spontaneously' to your captive'and hopefully surprised and impressed'audience. He provides a short outline for each story that can be reviewed at the last minute, and he also includes pointers on how to make your own original stories more interesting.

* HIDDEN PICTURES COLORING BOOK. 48pp; 9x11; b&w illus.
* MAZE CRAZE 40pp; 9x9; b&w illus. $6.45/set.
In the first book, children are challenged to find hidden cars, trucks, trains, and planes in coloring book-style pictures that they can also color in. The second book will make a maze-lover out of anyone. Recommended for ages 4-10.

* KID'S TRIP DIARY. 80pp; 5x8; b&w illus. $6.95. This simple diary encourages a child's interest before, during, and after a trip. Separate pages for 28 days encourage writing about what has happened each day. Space is provided for illustrating with a drawing, and there is a section for keeping track of expenditures. There are even suggestions for games to keep kids busy in the car. Children will enjoy reliving their trip by rereading their diary, and you will find yourself stashing it away in your mementos. Recommended for ages 6-12.

* KNOT NOW! THE COMPLETE FRIENDSHIP BRACELET KIT! 24pp; 8x11; b&w illus. $6.95. Step-by-step instructions are given for ten patterns of friendship bracelets. A packet of five colors of string is included. Just pack along some tape, and you're set for backseat fun. This activity keeps kids quiet, and they will enjoy presenting their creations as gifts to new friends they meet on the trip. Recommended for ages 6 .

The catalogue continues in "Carousel Press - Part 3"

To order any of these books and for further information, contact Carole Terwilliger Meyers, Carousel Press, (510) 527-5849.

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