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Travel Tip For Today

Bring one pair of comfortable walking shoes as well as a pair of sandals or Tevas. Before you leave home, break in your new shoes so you're not uncomfortable on the road.

Watersports Basics & Tips

Water Sports

Rather than spelling the end of sporting holidays, travelling with your children can actually mark a new beginning opening up new sports and new ways of doing things.


Snorkeling is an activity very well suited to family involvement. Some of the very best snorkeling takes place in very shallow water. (In just 3 feet of water off the island of Cozumel we counted 10 varieties of tropical fish!) Best advice is to start slow, wear plenty of sun block and keep safety uppermost in your mind. One problem that may arise is finding gear to fit children. Many resorts simply don't have it to rent. A better idea, if you love to snorkel, is to buy the gear before you leave home. Check your local diving store for the brands Body Glove, Junior and Voit. If you can't locate them, call (800) 367-8648 for the store nearest you. For special diving packages, Rascals in Paradise offers several diving- and snorkeling-oriented vacations around the world, (800) 872-7225.


Who hasn't listened to the Beach Boys and dreamed of shooting the curl? For older kids, a vacation at a surf camp could be incredibly appealing. And almost anyone can learn how--all you need know is how to swim and have a good sense of balance. If "hanging 10" sounds like fun, check out these programs:

Richard Schmidt Surf Camp
Santa Cruz, California
(408) 423-0928

Summer Fun Surf Camp
San Clemente, California
(949) 361-9526

Surf Sessions
Fenwick Island, Delaware
(302) 539-2126

Margo Oberg's Surfing School
Kauai, Hawaii
(808) 742-8019 or 639-0708


Long renowned as a prime whiler away of time and a good opportunity to talk and bond, fishing continues to be more popular than ever; you can go about your fishing from a very low-tech or high-tech viewpoint, and find togetherness along the way. You, too, can develop famous family fish tales about the ones you caught and ate as well as those that got away. Small children may enjoy using a net attached to a stick in shallow water to see what they come up with. Catches of tiny animals may be observed and released. Digging for clams and collecting mussels are other easy and gratifying pursuits.

Tips to keep in mind:

1. Pay attention to the tide and make sure you don't get caught on isolated rocks with the tide coming in.

2. In most places you need a fishing permit for both fishing and clamming. Some states make exceptions if only children are fishing. Check it out, fines are steep.

3. Be very careful with fish hooks, which can easily become embedded in human skin and may necessitate a visit to a hospital for removal.

4. Spear fishing should only be attempted by older children accompanied by experienced spear fishers.

5. Sea sickness--come prepared if your gang is susceptible.

6. Sunburn is a real threat as light reflected off the water intensifies the sun's burning rays. Be sure to wear sunscreen, sun block on sensitive areas, and a broad-brimmed hat. Long sleeves will protect your arms.

7. Don't forget the lemons, oil, etc. you'll need to cook up your catch.

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