Verde Canyon Railroad Excursions, AZ


THE VERDE CANYON RAILROAD, L.C.: Entertainment For All Seasons Clarkdale, Arizona - The Verde Canyon Railroad provides access to a riparian wilderness area which varies greatly from season to season. Visitors to the canyon rarely forget the natural wonders of this remote area and inviting excursion. Passengers have the opportunity to see a portion of the state that is otherwise inaccessible since most of the land is federally or privately owned and is protected. For this reason, the area is a natural haven for indigenous wildlife. The following information provides a brief season-by-season review of the canyon, and what guests of the Verde Canyon Railroad may see while on board. SUMMER In the summer, trees are in full bloom. Black Hawks are residents this time of year, along with Blue Herons that cruise the river. Late summer rain and early evening thunderstorms create waterfalls and glistening crimson cliffs. "Starbright" rides -- offered only during the summer -- provide a glimpse of the nocturnal existence of the indigenous wildlife, and the moonlit and star-studded sky cast unique shadows across the wilderness. AUTUMN The change of color is spectacular in the Verde Canyon. The variegated gold of the cottonwood and willow trees is a photographer's delight. Mistletoe -- found throughout the canyon -- adapts to a variety of trees and simulates its host. Animals and waterfowl are more visible, including Mule Deer, White Tail Deer, Antelope, Javenlina, Red-tail Hawks, Blue Herons and Belted Kingfishers. WINTER: From December through March, the Bald and Golden Eagle population soar in the Verde Canyon. Over 30 bird species winter in the canyon; the largest population of eagles can be seen during the first three months of the year. (Resident mates now occupy a territory in the canyon, the first since 1968.) The eagles have co-habited with the train since 1911 and are not intimidated or bothered by the train's presence. It is a pleasure to view these wonderful creatures in their natural surroundings. SPRING Wildflowers and cacti are in full bloom from mid-March through June. The hillside is painted in warm hues of color from the indigenous prickly pear; desert marigolds, larkspur, blackfoot daisies, ocotillo, Indian paintbrush and other wildflowers randomly dot the desert landscape with vivid bursts of color. YEAR-ROUND There are many other attractions in the Verde Canyon and on the Verde Canyon Railroad. Throughout the year, visitors may see: * Spectacular geology and magnificent vistas of Arizona's inner canyons * Remnants of a bygone copper industry * Sinagua Indian ruins dating back to 600 A.D. * A lively riparian habitat * Access to Sycamore Wilderness area * S.O.B. Canyon trestle *Open-air viewing cars for great photography * Passage through a man-made 680-foot tunnel The Verde Canyon Railroad is located at 300 North Broadway, Clarkdale, Arizona. For reservations call (800) 293-7245 or email:

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