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King Henry's Feast Dinner Show Orlando

Orlando, Florida


Festive Days of Yore with Regal Entertainment

A chapter of England's colorful past comes to life at King Henry's Feast dinner show in Orlando as visiting lords and ladies are thrust into the 16th century, amid minstrel music and regal entertainment, for a bout of rousing merrymaking and feasting at King Henry VIII's surprise birthday celebration.

Gerald the Herald and King Henry's wisecracking jester led the mirthful gathering through a two-hour evening of courtly sipping and supping, while celebrants are entertained by a procession of palace courtesans, including a sword-swallower, juggler, battling knights and a royal trapeze artist. Throughout the show, audience members are the target of good-natured jesting--and may even be nudged on-stage to become part of the act.

King Henry's summer castle, a 16th-century Tudor replica, is the site of the festivities, looming above the encroaching 20th-century encampments of Orlando's International Drive. Towering 60-foot brick battlements, protected by a moat and wooden drawbridge, guard the entrance to the castle's labyrinth of passageways.

In the main dining hall, gather the family along rows of long, wooden tables grouped around a center stage and which are set with pewter plates, goblets and tankards of wine, ale and soda. Winsome "wenches" dart to and fro, ever-mindful of the commands of the visiting lords and ladies (YOU!), who are presented with their own paper crowns to wear during the feasting.

The dinner chamber's Tudor-style furnishings turn back the clock to the days of yore. Banners emblazoned with heraldic emblems drape from above. Chained to the ceiling, hoop-shaped wrought-iron lamps with dangling colored ribbons give off a torch-like glimmer of light, which sets the festive mood. From a balcony at the far end of the hall, their majesties' royal thrones look out over the throng. The dulcet tones of performing minstrels waft across the cavernous hall as celebrants enter and are seated.

Early in the festivities the King declares "all women free of servitude for the evening," commanding the men "to wait on the women for once in their lives." Indeed, two males from each table are assigned to serve the evening's fare.

Throughout the evening, the King leads the audience in frequent toasts of "wassail" (good luck, good life) and hearty sign-alongs to choruses of Greensleeves, Cockles and Mussels, Spanish Ladies and other traditional old England favorites. After the first course of dinner, the King's royal entertainers take to the stage to amuse the crowd, beginning with a balancing and fire-breathing act, followed by a "gravinipulation" juggling and balancing act, duelling knights and a royal ballerina trapeze performer.

For more information call (407) 351-5151 or (800) 883-8181.

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