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Travel Tip For Today

Bring one pair of comfortable walking shoes as well as a pair of sandals or Tevas. Before you leave home, break in your new shoes so you're not uncomfortable on the road.

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Southeast USA, from the mighty Mississippi to Florida keys South Eastern States

Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi North Carolina and South Carolina

Introduction & History

The South is large and varied, but basically it all faces the water and is fairly warm and often sunny and humid. From the might Mississippi to the west to the huge Florida peninsula, the south offers gracious hospitality, diverse and colorful cultures, an historical heritage that often seems present, and the beauty of a temperate-to-tropical zone. Once considered a slow mover, the New South is providing to be a dynamic forward force for the country and tackling all problems with imagination and verve.

But fear not, the Old South is still there for the visiting. A slow afternoon on a porch by the River, a walk in the bayou, a Cajun cookout in a small town, plantation tours and tale of pirates, gamblers, ghosts and great deeds are available with a little looking.

Louisiana Life & Family Travel Offerings

Many people, when they want to go to an exotic spot within the continental U.S.A, think of Louisiana. This land on the delta of North America’s greatest river is a polyglot of cultures surrounded by beautiful and dramatic wild areas.

Louisiana is a point where cultures have met, melded, and interacted for centuries. The French, Spanish, Caribbean, African, British, and Native Americans have expressed themselves and c contributed, and everyone seems to have a reason to celebrate, especially in New Orleans. This influx and blending is happily experienced in the food and music—Cajun, Creole, zydecim, jazz, high French and traditional Southern … And sometimes it seems like food and music are either interchangeable or necessary companions.

History surrounds you in most areas of Louisiana, whether it’s the old French pirates, the Confederacy, Mississippi riverboat life, or the freedom riders of the century. It is a fascinating and very visual state in which to explore your roots or interests.

Mardi Gras draws huge numbers to New Orleans for the Shrove Tuesday pre-Lenten festivities, as does the Jazz Fest in May. Be certain to carefully make your plans, and be certain such a trip is appropriate for all members of the family. The excess and craziness is legendary—which may or may not be what you are looking for. Whether Mardi Gras is the right time for you to visit or not, you will definitely find much to keep you occupied, curious, well fed and entertained.

Family Fun in Florida

Miami is definitely the capital of southern Florida, and some say of South and Central America—the gateway to the Everglades, gateway to the Keys, gateway to the Caribbean, and queen of the Gold Coast. Sunbathing along the southeastern shores, old Miami is on the mainland, while several causeways lead over to the string of islands that make up Miami Beach.

Miami and it environs are meant to be enjoyed daytime or evening, with a distinctive international flair at all times. The hub of Miami’s Hispanic communities is Little Havana, a great place for some dining adventures. Water sports, of course, are available all along the coast. Hilaeh is on the western edge of Miami for those interested in the races.

The southern Florida peninsula is a natural wonder storehouse for the U.S., with the Everglades, Bicayne Park, Big Cypress—a seemingly immense area, but in fact all that remains of our subtropical region. There are many nature-oriented spots to visit, enjoy, and learn from.

In the middle of Florida, Orlando is the local city for Walt Disney World and the Epcot Center. While in the area, don’t miss Universal Studios, and the Orlando Toy Train Station & Museum or Sea World of Florida, always a fun day.

This is Alligator Country, so don’t forget to get out and interact with the Florida wildlife, and expect to hear a little Cajun music while you all settle down for some great seafood and Caribbean cuisine.

But there’s more to Florida than fun and games. Historical monuments, military establishments, art and science museums and cultural centers are available for exploration. And water sports are serious business in this tropical paradise. But, as always, when near the ocean—keep an eye on the weather and be careful. Now go have fun!

The Great state of Georgia

Georgia’s history is full of twists and surprises. For instance, is joined the United States twice—once at the birth of the nation, and then again in 1870. The first real gold rush in the U.S.A took place in Georgia in 1828. And Georgia’s past and present live in the state capital—Atlanta.

Atlanta lies in the north central part of the state on the Chattahoochee River. The city has long been focused around Peachtree Street. And while there are abundant historical sights—Atlanta is unquestionably the focus of the New South, with innovative architecture and business scattered throughout.

But when you and your family do visit Atlanta, don’t forget to check out the natural beauty and historical sites of north Georgia. Go up to Lake Lanier or down to Pine Mountain for starters.

Shopping & Dining

Food is abundant and without a doubt, delicious anywhere within the Southeast states. Enjoy true southern comfort food, sure to satisfy the whole family’s appetite. Gumbo, seafood, sausage, venison, sweet potatoes, casseroles, and jambalaya are just a few hearty, comforting fares that can be enjoyed in these southern states. These Cajun and Creole staples can be found at any downtown eatery. No matter how full your tummies may be, do not miss dessert. The southeast states are famous for their decadent pies and to die-for pastries. Pop into a local bakery, and indulge! If the family is up for a little treasure hunt, be sure to visit the local flea markets, malls, outdoor plazas, and large shopping centers. Louisiana features one of the biggest malls in Baton Rouge. This two-level shopper’s heaven is also every kid’s giant playground. Loaded with countless popular stores, and an antique carousel, the whole family is sure to stay entertained. Outlet mall shopping in Florida is a must. Shop along the beachfronts, and find your perfect keepsake to pack home. Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and Mississippi are also known for their outlet shopping malls, with a little Western twist.

Whether in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, South Carolina, or Florida, the family is sure to have a genuine southwest experience. The southwest states are sure to excite every family member, as the energy is high and the fun is never-ending. Step into cowboy land, and have yourself a “honky-tonk” time.


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