EXCERPT FROM "OUTLET BOUND: GUIDE TO THE NATION'S BEST OUTLETS" 1995 Edition, 200+ pages (US$6.95+) FOR BOOK ORDERS & MORE INFORMATION: (800) 336-8853 "Outlet Bound" gives complete listings for thousands of outlet complexes. The directory is divided into geographical regions. We have divided each region into a separate file. The regions covered are: New England Northeast Mid-Atlantic Southeast North Central Midwest South Central West California MID-ATLANTIC 114 Ocean Outlets Rehoboth Beach DE 89 115 Ocean Outlets Seaside Rehoboth Beach DE 89 116 Chesapeake Village Outlet Queenstown MD 89 117 Kent Narrows Factory Stores Kent Island MD 90 118 Ocean City Factory Outlets Ocean City MD 90 119 Perryville Outlet Center Perryville MD 90 120 Massaponax Outlet Center Fredericksburg VA 90 121 Potomac Mills Prince William VA 92 122 Great American Outlet Mall Virginia Beach VA 92 123 Waynesboro Village F.O. Waynesboro VA 92 124 Berkeley Commons Outlet Ctr. Williamsburg VA 93 125 Patriot Plaza Williamsburg VA 93 126 Williamsburg Outlet Mall Williamsburg VA 93 127 Williamsburg Pottery Factory Williamsburg VA 93 128 Factory Merchants Ft. Chiswell Wytheville VA 94 129 Blue Ridge Outlet Center Martinsburg WV 94 130 Tanger Factory Outlet Ctr Martinsburg WV 95 Happy shopping all around the U.S.A.!

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