Hints for Successful Outlet Shop Trip


HINTS FOR SUCCESSFUL OUTLET SHOPPING TRIPS MAKE A LIST - CHECK IT TWICE! While you are outlet shopping, it is important to remember that with the wide variety of merchandise and shops it is easy to become confused and lose sight of what you came for. Make a list before you go of the items you would like to find and the stores in which you expect to find them. Take down the sizes of friends and relatives who you would like to purchase clothing for beforehand. Sometimes it may be inconvenient to return items, although returns are widely accepted. PLANNING IS THE KEY A little time on the telephone can save you hours in the stores and help you plan your trip. You can find out about upcoming sales and price reductions, the hours the stores are open, and labels and sizes they carry. Keep in mind that a visit to an outlet center is a big event which will take all day. Pace yourself and make it a point to take time to enjoy being there by not planning too many stops in too little time. Take along maps to help you find the place, brochures you may have collected from the stores and pick up a center directory when you get there (if you haven't already procured one) to make the most efficient use of your time. And don't forget to jot down the section of the parking lot you parked in. Start by visiting the stores you came to shop at first and save the exploring for later. Shop with a friend to help with buying decisions. Remember to set up a time and meeting place should you become separated. Stick to a schedule of sorts by choosing a time and place for lunch where you and your shopping companion can relax, regather, and rejuvenate for the afternoon round! What you wear is important! No, not necessarily to make a fashion statement--although it's always nice to be dressed in a manner which you feel good about--but for comfort and ease of shopping. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing which is lightweight and easy to remove. MAKING THE PURCHASE When you begin your day at the outlet center, it is likely you will find many more items you wish to purchase than you can manage to carry (or afford). Check labels and price tags for descriptions of items such as: Irregular - small imperfection exists in the garment Second - signals that a major flaw exists Past season - usually a great bargain Sample - has been on display, offered in limited sizes and cuts, check carefully Open Stock - usually means you can purchase pieces separately at a later date (ie., dinnerware/crystal) Discontinued - close-out items manufacturers no longer plan to carry, buy extras if purchasing sets of items. Generally, most of the items for sale will be first-quality merchandise from the current season. Happy Bargain Hunting!

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