Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory

San Francisco, California

GHIRARDELLI CHOCOLATE FACTORY Ghirardelli Square 900 North Point #52 San Francisco, California 94109 415-775-5500 415-775-0912 fax email: Domingo Ghirardelli, born in Italy in 1817, gifted San Francisco with sweet memories when he began the Ghirardelli Chocolate Company in 1852. Now one of the favorite corners of Ghirardelli Square, near the end of the Hyde Street cable car line, the Chocolate Factory has a long and truly California history. Following apprenticeship to a celebrated chocolatier and eager to strike out on his own, Domingo Ghirardelli shipped out to Peru in 1836, at age 19. There he established his first confectionery and met Mr. Lick, an American shopkeeper. James Lick headed for San Francisco in 1847 with 600 pounds of Domingo's chocolate. What timing! Two weeks after he docked in San Francisco, John Marshall found gold at Sutter's Mill and the California gold rush began. Lick did very well in San Francisco, and San Francisco did well by him. Not least among his accomplishments was luring Ghirardelli north to try his luck in the gold fields. Domingo gave gold mining a try, but found it discouraging and decided to do what he knew best - supply chocolate to the ever-increasing number of miners. After three years of hard work in the Sierra Nevada foothills, in 1852 Ghirardelli moved to San Francisco and set up Ghirardelli's Chocolate Factory. After several moves around the City, much success and public recognition, Domingo passed away in 1894, having provided the City with one very sweet treasure. A century later, the Ghirardelli Chocolate Manufactory and Soda Fountain continues to honor the European heritage of premium quality ingredients and the slow, time-honored methods of manufacture Domingo Ghirardelli demanded. Ghirardelli's awaits your visit to Ghirardelli Square, where you can enjoy viewing part of the manufacturing process in the original building and verify the value of the product in one of the superb offerings of the Soda Fountain. When you're in San Francisco, find your way to Ghirardelli Square right across from the Maritime Museum and the end of the Hyde Street line, and then follow your nose to a real old San Francisco treat. How about: The Alcatraz Rock...Infamous Alcatraz prison emerges from San Francisco Bay. A rocky road and vanilla ice cream island set in a bay of whipped cream, armored with a shell of Ghirardelli Chocolate, nut rocks and a cherry. OR Earthquake Sundae (Serves Four or More)...Enjoy with friends! Split 8 flavors of ice cream and a galaxy of 8 different toppings. Cracks are filled with bananas and whipped cream, scattered with nuts and cherries. (Sorry, you can't order this one 'to go.') OR Golden Gate Banana Split...Vanilla, strawberry and chocolate ice cream topped with crushed pineapple, sliced strawberries and Ghirardelli's very own home-made chocolate syrup. A banana bridge rises above the whipped cream fog with nuts and cherries. OR? Of course, chocolate in numerous forms is available for eating later or as great gifts and souvenirs. Ghirardelli Chocolate is so popular there are now several shops. Before visiting the Factory, check out the product at any of the other two San Francisco locations, or in Monterey, California, or Costa Mesa, California, or in Chicago, Illinois. A favorite souvenir from San Francisco for decades has been a copy of the Ghirardelli menu. On the back you will find a detailed description of the manufacture of fine chocolate, as taught by Domingo Ghirardelli.

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