Lake Powell & Glen Canyon, Utah

Mountain States

UTAH'S LAKE POWELL and GLEN CANYON NATIONAL RECREATION AREA There is nothing even remotely ordinary about Lake Powell. First of all, it's big. So big that you can drive a boat for hours in the main channel. And if you stop to explore the side canyons, it could take you days. Man-made, the shorelines are unusual. Sheer cliffs rise out of the deep black water in some places, while in other areas, the water turns bright turquoise. The lake has many moods, and is almost mystical as evening falls and the slick rock backdrop eerily reflects the moonlight. Lake Powell is the perfect lake for swimming and water sports. Deep and clean and cool, it is ideal for waterskiing, diving, or just lolling around cooling off. Winter is a great time to try the fishing. Stocked with bass and trout, the lake offers a unique fishing experience, boasting recording fish. Lake Powell offers access to some truly remarkable landmarks such as Rainbow Bridge National Monument. The bridge is accessible by tour launch or by private boat. And Indian cliff dwellings such as Defiance House or the pioneer trail known as Hole in the Rock offer some wonderful short hikes originating from the shoreline. Ancient Indian ruins can be seen at many locations along the shoreline as well. The lake has several large, fully equipped marinas with service for houseboaters, fishermen, or campers. Day tours are offered, plus power boat rentals are readily available. The demand for houseboats make it necessary to make reservations many months in advance for prime summer weeks. For more information about tours and rentals, call (800) 528-6154. WHERE TO STAY WHILE VISITING LAKE POWELL/STATELINE-WAHWEAP Wahweap (at Lake Powell) Bullfrog (at Glen Canyon) Big Water: (10 miles, about 12 minutes) Kanab: (64 miles, about 1 hour and 15 minutes) Weather Information: Glen Canyon National Recreational Area is open year around. The area has low humidity and lots of sunshine. October is the wettest month of the year, averaging 1.2". The water temperature of Lake Powell averages 75 degrees.

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