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Travel Tip For Today

Bring one pair of comfortable walking shoes as well as a pair of sandals or Tevas. Before you leave home, break in your new shoes so you're not uncomfortable on the road.

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Mountain States

Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Wyoming

Introduction & Brief History

Perched atop the Continental Divide and sloping down east and west toward the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans, Colorado is dominated by the Rocky Mountains. Additionally, high plateau covers the western section and the eastern section begins the Great Plains.

Colorado Family Fun

Historically, much of the area that is now Colorado was long peopled by agriculturally based Native Americans whose cliff dwellings can be admired today. Following the arrival of Europeans, the discovery of first gold then silver dramatically opened the state to settlers, hunters, and scalawags. The health advantages of clean clear mountain air and water drew thousands of early settles for the sure. Colorado became a state in 1876.

Colorado has natural wonders galore for anyone interested in snow sports, water sports, outdoor adventure and ranches. There is also an abundance of more domestic sporting available, such as golf and tennis. Cultural past-times and the arts abound in some of the most beautiful scenery the lower-48 has to offer.

Intriguing Iowa Family Travel

Idaho incorporates all of the beauty and the excitement of high mountains. Still sparsely settled, the pioneer spirit is still alive among those living in town or country. There is white water and snow-capped peaks for the adventurous, abundant wildlife for the photographer and hunter, and peace and quiet in most concerns.

If your family wants a taste of the old Wild West but doesnt really want to rough it, try taking U.S. Highway 30 between Yellowstone and Boise, following the route through the Snake River Plain. We do recommend, however, that you dont take this trip in the wintertime.

But if you are looking for adventure, this is a super spot for wild water ride, skiing, backpacking, trekking and horse packing. You might like to incorporate this adventure with a thorough visit to neighboring Yellowstone National Park.

Wonderful Wyoming

And that Yellowstone Park trip took you to Wyoming, a remarkable and striking state to please both the cowboy and the mountain man in everyone. Cheyenne sits in the flat cattle country that slopes down to the Missouri River, while Jackson Hole sits high in the Rocky Mountains. Probably one of the best-known views of the Rockies is the Maroon Bells in Grand Teton National Park. Make it a point to visit Jackson Hole!

When you are in the Rocky Mountains, monitor the behavior and health of each member of the family. Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) is a real thing, which occur when you go above an 8,000-foot elevation. While this can be painful, it is easily avoided and recovery can be quick if handled correctly.

Much To See In Montana! - Family Adventure & Fun!

If Wyoming wasnt extreme enough for you, head north for Montana. Big Ski Country deserves its name. Like Wyoming, there are plains, mountains, and long stretches of empty road. But Montana is being discovered; golfers and skiers, canoers and horse packers are all finding this rugged state just to their liking. Chances are you wont hit heavy traffic, but you surely hear the coyotes, and maybe a few ghosts left over from the Little Bighorn. Whenever you go to Montana, be prepared for the cold. Summer days get very warm, but the evening temperature can dip quickly at this elevation and latitude.

Dining In The Mountain States

The food grown in Colorado is ample, fresh and full of flavor. Anything the family craves is available to them in Colorado, fresh and delicious! Colorado takes pride in their local and homegrown foods. Melons, peaches, corn, grapes, berries, squash, fresh tacos, burgers and salads are all Colorado hometown favorites. For dessert, Peaches and Cream Pie is what you are looking for! Montana is known for their excellent bbq and the "fry bread". The family will also love Montanas fresh sandwiches-and for the coffee lovers, a cup of Montana brew will knock your socks off it is so delicious! Idaho potatoes are world famous. Do not miss out on this states specialty! Believe it or not, Utah is known for their Green Jell-O. Yes, thats right, Green Jell-O! The kids will love this unique state favorite treat. Utah honey, scones, and Greek pastrami burgers are also Utah staples. While in Wyoming, the family must feast on beans (great northern, pinto, navy), jerky, Shoshone lamb & Army bread.

The mountain states offer the family non-stop adventure and excitement. These states are perfect destinations to keep every member of the family content and entertained!


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