Durango, Colorado & Its Trains


DURANGO, COLORADO and its TRAINS Historically speaking, Durango was founded by the Denver & Rio Grande Railway in 1879. The railroad arrived in Durango on August 5, 1881. Construction began on the line in the fall of 1881 and was completed to Silverton in July of 1882. It was constructed to haul mines ores, primarily gold and silver, from the San Juan Mountains. It is estimated that over $300 million in precious metals rode this route. During the late 1960s the Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad (D&RGW) was allowed abandonment of the tracks from Antonito, Colorado to Durango, thereby cutting Durango off from the balance of the D&RGW system. After this the only narrow gauge trackage remaining was the 45 miles from Durango to Silverton. The equipment used to pull the trains consist of 100% coal-fired, steam-operated locomotives. These authentic locomotives were manufactured by the American Locomotive Works in 1923 or Baldwin Locomotives Works in 1925. All of these locomotives were originally manufactured for the D&RGW. The coaches are of the 1880 type...many of them being built in the 1880s. Open gondola cars are also available. The trains serve Tall Timber Resort as well as additional flag stops at Needleton and Elk Park (for backpackers, fishermen and hikers to get on or off the trains). The trains also stop twice northbound for water and once returning to Durango. On occasion, the trains also stop en route to or from Silverton to load or unload freight at various points along the route. Car 350 - The Alamosa Parlor Car: The Alamosa Parlor Car was built as a coach in 1880 by Jackson & Sharp. It served in various types of use until 1937 when it was rebuilt as a Parlor-Buffet Car and named "Alamosa." It served proudly in this role until the discontinuance of the San Juan Express in 1951. In 1957, it was rebuilt into a coach and numbered 350 for use on The Silverton, returning to its original purpose as a coach. Prior to the first day of operation, May 23, 1981, under the ownership of the D&SNG, 350 again was given its name...ALAMOSA. In the fall of 1981, it was rebuilt as a parlor car with a bar being built out of matching Ash wood which compliments the interior of the 116-year-old car. It is now running daily as the last car of the train serving your favorite alcoholic beverage to Parlor Car ticket holders ONLY. The Management of the D&SNG feels that you will truly enjoy a ride on the Alamosa Parlor Car. This unique and historical car is available for charter if no seats have been sold for the requested day. The car offers first-class service, seating 28 adults (21 years minimum age). Layover privileges do not apply to Parlor Car ticket holders. Only parlor car ticket holders may enter the parlor car. Contact the Deport for additional information. Parlor Car also runs on Winter Train. Smoking is not allowed in Parlor Car. Join us on our Winter Train for a truly winter wonderland trip aboard America's most popular train. Countless snowscapes and breathtaking winter beauty await you and the silence is broken only by the sound of an operating steam locomotive. DEPARTING DAILY from the historic train depot downtown Durango to the wilderness area of Cascade Canyon. A 52-mile excursion. MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS NOW! Because thousands of vacations and railroad enthusiasts ride the Silverton train each year it is always wise to make reservations as far in advance as possible. DURANGO TICKET OFFICE (970) 247-2733 *Call well ahead and confirm all details

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