Durango - A Hot Spot!


DURANGO, COLORADO What a town! Only 19 miles from Purgatory, a train ride from Silverton and minutes from Mesa Verde - Durango, Colorado proves to be the perfect vacation spot for anyone who loves to be busy every minute of the day while enjoying Southwestern hospitality and charm. Durango's Main Street is as lively as its white water rapids only a couple of blocks away. The town is reminiscent of all those old cowboy movies you've watched where the woman shops at the general store while the men drink beer across the street in the saloon. In actuality, women and men alike shop in various stores ranging from area art to sports gear. The cafes and breweries are especially packed in the evenings with visitors and locals boasting about their kayaking adventures. Carriage rides through town are fun and warm! The restaurants are mostly Southwestern and serve huge portions. You'll never go hungry in Durango. Durango is full of great Bed and Breakfasts that make one's stay that much better. My Bed and Breakfast, The Leland House (721 East Second Street; 303/269-6356), was right around the corner from Main Street. My room was comfortable and had everything I could want. The innkeepers were very hospitable and knowledgeable about the area. They served a scrumptious breakfast at Lola's, their restaurant next door, consisting of homemade granola, fruit, pumpkin and apple pancakes, scones, juice, coffee, etc. Each morning Lola's served a different entree, which only got more and more mouth-watering with each day. As far as activities to satisfy the adventurer and thrill seeker, Durango provides an unusually large number of alternatives to fill up your days. Rafting down the river is a riot and never boring. Southfork horseback riding offers incredible scenery off the beaten path and possibly a true cowboy. Durango's Soaring Club offers rides in soaring planes that supposedly make one feel she's drifting like a bird. (Personally, I was too chicken to fly, but my colleagues raved about it all night.) Mountain Bike Specialists take you thousands of feet up the Great Divide so you can ride down on bikes like crazy tourists. What a thrill! Don't miss Durango, Colorado. As hot spots go, this one sizzles - or bathes you in the Southwestern sun - whichever you prefer. M. Valdes, Lanier Publishing

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