Kids and Ranches


KIDS & ANIMALS & THE GREAT OUTDOORS If your kids love horses or are enthralled by Westerns, a ranch vacation may be for you. But even if they show no inclination to wear cowboy boots and yodel around the campfire, if blue jeans and flannel shorts are your kind of dress code, a week on a ranch may surprise you. Today's ranch resorts offer a variety of activities for all ages, including hiking, tennis, golf, fishing, swimming, white-water rafting, or just lazing by the pool with a good book. While rates may seem high, remember when you're shopping around that they generally include all your meals and activities. Some resorts offer special children's programs including overnight camp-outs and arts and crafts projects, and can help you arrange for a baby sitter. So if evenings spent watching for shooting stars and listening for owls and coyotes around a blazing camp fire are tempting, the following guide to ranch resorts in the U.S. and Canada should help in your search for the perfect ranch. Listings in our database area were provided by the Dude Rancher's Association and the British Columbia Guest Ranch Association. The Dude Rancher's Association publishes an annual magazine called "The Dude Rancher," which lists and describes their 110 member ranches, located in 12 Western states and two Canadian provinces. The magazine is available from: The Dude Rancher's Association P.O. Box 471 La Porte, CO 80535 (303) 223-8440 (303) 223-0201 Fax

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