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AMANA SOCIETY INC., and AMANA COLONIES' CONVENTION & VISITORS BUREAU P.O. Box 189 Amana, Iowa 52203 (800) 245-5465 The Amana Colonies, made up of seven unique villages, were settled in the east central Iowa River Valley in 1855 by a group of predominantly German immigrants who came to America to seek religious freedom. Before coming to Iowa, they established a communal lifestyle when first settling near Buffalo, New York, in 1842. The settlers were skilled and initiated many industries and crafts in order to provide for the many needs of the community. The Amana Society owns and operates many of the businesses that were active during the communal history period (1855-1932) of the Amana Colonies. * The Amana Woolen Mill is Iowa's only operating woolen mill and weaves beautiful blanket loungers on their looms. (Self-guided tours daily.) * The Amana Furniture Shop hand crafts some of the finest solid walnut, oak and cherry furniture to be found anywhere. (Visitors viewing gallery open daily.) * The Amana Meat Shop and Smokehouse is famous for smoked meat specialties made from recipes handed down for generations. (Free samples.) * The Amana General has been operating as a general store since 1858. It features a wide variety of collectibles, books, Amana food items, gifts, locally made wines and more. * The Stone Hearth Bakery specializes in delicious breads, pastries, candies, jam and jellies. All of these businesses are open daily and are located in historic buildings that make up the Amana Colonies National Historic Landmark. The Amana Farms are also owned by the Amana Society. The 26,000 acres which were purchased by the original Amana settlers make up Iowa's largest farm tract. (Tours available.)

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