Kauai Tips - Weddings Away From Home


Hyatt Regency Kauai's "10 Helpful Tips" PLANNING A WEDDING on Kauai or Anywhere Far Away From Home 1. No matter what they say, there is no such thing as overnight mail to Kauai. Try to remember EVERYTHING. If not, it will take at least 2 days to get there! 2. Brides should come prepared with a second pair of stockings and a garter belt. Stockings always run and garter belts are a personal item the hotel doesn't provide. Make sure the stockings are the right size and color, although Hyatt Regency Kauai's Bridal Consultant knows exactly where to find them in a pinch. 3. Make sure to schedule a final wedding gown fitting prior to coming to the Garden Island. Last minute adjustments can create pre-wedding anxiety. 4. Finicky grooms should obtain their tuxedos at home. But with ample notice and information, this can be arranged on Kauai. Accessories are also important and not readily available. 5. Pay attention to the "little" things. Make a list of personal likes and dislikes, i.e., color preference, male vs. female minister.. 6. Be specific about the content of the wedding ceremony. Request a copy of the minister's vows to make sure they are appropriate. For example, non-denominational ministers say, "till death do us part," etc. 7. Don't forget the wedding rings!! And remember, mail never comes overnight to Kauai. 8. Something borrowed, something blue, something old, something new, aren't always easy to acquire on Kauai. Traditional types should make sure to collect all of these items prior to coming to the island. Don't forget to pack them. 9. The bride and groom should spend a relaxing day by themselves prior to the wedding. 10. Remember the time difference and allow for jet lag! Don't plan the wedding too soon after arrival. These tips come to you from the Hyatt Regency Kauai, Hawaii. If you would like to speak with the wedding department, call 808-742-1234. And Congratulations and Best Wishes to all!

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