Bloomington, MN- Mall of America & More!

North Central Great Lakes

BLOOMINGTON, MINNESOTA * MALL OF AMERICA * KNOTT'S CAMP SNOOPY * LEGO IMAGINATION CENTER Ask someone not from the U.S. to describe this country of ours, and once you get past Hollywood and cowboys, you're sure to hit on shopping malls and theme parks. So, if you live in the midwest or are headed there soon, you might want to check out the city of Bloomington, Minnesota. Just south of Minneapolis, Bloomington is home to: THE MALL OF AMERICA- This is the nation's largest combined retail and entertainment center. Almost 80 acres of shopping space include most of the well-known and well-respected stores, such as Nordstrom, FAO Schwarz, Bloomingdale's, Oshman's...The Mall of America is a favorite spot to showcase some new idea or enhancement for the shopping public and was the model for many such complexes around the world, so there may be some surprises around a corner or two. With over 400 specialty shops, put aside AT LEAST a day to get to know this spot. Plus, it may take a while to even find out what movies are playing at all the theaters (18!); or use the miniature golf course as a stress reliever and place to meet; or enjoy EnterTrainment's huge, multi-level train track and 30 trains in action. Be sure to have a plan so no one gets lost forever! KNOTT'S CAMP SNOOPY is in the same complex- This is the nation's largest indoor family theme park. Safe inside from the winter snows or summer heat wave, relax and enjoy the amusement park with its 26 rides . The 7-acre establishment offers 3-D movies, bird and animal shows, a roller coaster, and much, much more. There is no admission charge, but there is a charge for each ride. Maybe some of the family wants to stay here while the rest of the family goes shopping? LEGO IMAGINATION CENTER is ALSO in this complex- LEGO is an art, and inspiration may await you in the 6,000-square-foot area of LEGO models. Leave room in the car - you're sure to be picking up more LEGO parts! This remarkable complex - The Mall of America - is open every day of the year except New Year's Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. You can call for hours and special events at (612) 883-8800.

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