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Illinois, Indiana, Ohio

Dominated by the Great Lakes, the north central Midwest portion of the U.S. covers many miles and many lifestyles.

Stretching out to the west from Pennsylvania, with the Ohio River as a southern border and the Great Lakes to the north, are Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. These lush, fertile valleys, watersheds and open tracts of land have been the backbone of America's growth and stability. Once heavily forested, these three states now feed and house many residential and industrial centers. Recreation often revolves around water sports, hunting and fishing, auto racing and golf. Most parts of Illinois, Indiana and Ohio are extremely accessible and lodging is rarely a problem. This is great car-trip territory. Just be ready for the wind in the Windy City and treat the Great Lakes like the wild open water they truly are.

Illinois Office of Tourism

310 South Michigan Avenue, Suite 108

Chicago, Illinois 60616

(800) 545-7300

(312) 567-8500

Department of Conservation & Fisheries

Lincoln Tower Plaza

524 South Second Street Springfield, Illinois 62701-1787

Indiana Department of Commerce

Tourism Development Division

1 North Capitol, Suite 700

Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

(317) 232-8860

(800) 289-6646

Department of Natural Resources

402 West Washington Street, Room 298

Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

(317) 232-4020

Hoosier National Forest

811 Constitution Avenue

Bedford, Indiana 47421

(812) 275-5987

(800) 280-CAMP

600 West Springs Street

Columbus, Ohio 43215


Ohio State Parks & Recreation

1952 Belcher Drive

Columbus, Ohio 43224

(614) 265-6561

Department of Wildlife

1840 Belcher Drive

Columbus, Ohio 43224

(614) 265-6300

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