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Albuquerque, NM

Among many other things, the American Southwest is famous for its adventure, its spirit of fun, and its beautiful scenery. Nowhere do all these things come together like on a family vacation in Albuquerque, New Mexico...

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Bring one pair of comfortable walking shoes as well as a pair of sandals or Tevas. Before you leave home, break in your new shoes so you're not uncomfortable on the road.

Hard Rock Cafe - Some Background

Restaurants for Travelers

The place to eat! And don't forget to get a T-shirt!

HARD ROCK CAFE - some background:

Since its 1971 opening in London, Hard Rock Cafe has become a global phenomenon. Combining rock music sensibilities, memorabilia from top musical artists of the last 40 years, classic American food, and a commitment to widespread altruistic causes, Hard Rock Cafe has continued to successfully grow as a true cultural force around the world.

Reflecting major cultural shifts and changing musical tastes over the last 25 years, Hard Rock Cafe has also changed, working closely with the record and entertainment industries to remain at the forefront of musical trends.

One of the most recognized trademarks in the world, Hard Rock Cafe offers signature items (including the famous T-shirt) which are only available through on-site merchandise shops.

Hard Rock Cafe International, Inc., consists of 42 Hard Rock namesakes in 17 countries, including England, Sweden, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Singapore and Iceland. For locations in the U.S., see the separate article listing addresses and phone numbers.

CONSCIENCE: Hard Rock Cafes have a reputation for public service. "Save the Planet" is a philosophy the company strives to attain at all levels with a commitment to humanitarian causes and issues. Well-known for its support of "Live Aid," the Moscow Music Peace Festival/Make A Difference Foundation, "The Wall" performance in Berlin, and the ZZ Top tour to benefit the Delta Blues Museum, Hard Rock Cafe continually raises money to save the planet, preserve rock 'n' roll history, and support other worthwhile causes through non-profit local, national and international organizations.

MEMORABILIA: Each Cafe reflects its individual location and features exciting signature design elements, whether it's a 65' rotating Fender guitar atop the cafe in Miami, Florida, or the 3-story guitar mural on the exterior of the cafe in Nashville, Tennessee. All Cafes have certain elements in common, including a private function room, an intimate stage to accommodate live performances, the famous "guitar bar," and a full spectrum of rock memorabilia lining the walls.

Hard Rock Cafe has been called "The Smithsonian of Rock 'n' Roll." According to Sotheby's, it has the most extensive collection of rock memorabilia in the world. Each Hard Rock Cafe displays hundreds of items culled from its archives that celebrate rock 'n' roll culture, past and present, along with items that reflect the specific regional identity of each cafe.

The Hard Rock Cafe's archives, located in Orlando, Florida, hold nearly 20,000 individual pieces of memorabilia and employ a full-time staff of six.

FOOD: Hard Rock Cafes are renowned for big portions, great value, and fresh and healthy ingredients. Offerings range from the classic, all-American hamburger to barbecued chicken, smoked ribs, and vegetarian decadent desserts, all at moderate prices. Each location serves a unique selection of regional favorites and daily specials.

Hard Rock Cafe's reputation for high quality food and friendly, efficient service are key to its popular appeal. Service to all ages and incomes is Hard Rock Cafe's foundation and is reflected in the service motto "Love all...Serve all."

Check the "Hard Rock Cafe Locations" article to track down the one(s) you'll visit on your next vacation.

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Stone Mill Suites
Lanesboro, MN
United States

A Historic Inn at the Lanesboro Feed Mill. Unique lodging experience in 1885 limestone building. 9 suites with themes that depict the history of the building and Lanesboro's irresistible charm. Double whirlpool baths, lofts, iron-claw fireplaces.

Stone Mill Suites

Contact Information

PO Box 407
Lanesboro, Minnesota  55949
United States
Toll Free Reservations:
General Manager:
Colleen Lamon
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Grand Wailea Resort & Spa

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