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Albuquerque, NM

Among many other things, the American Southwest is famous for its adventure, its spirit of fun, and its beautiful scenery. Nowhere do all these things come together like on a family vacation in Albuquerque, New Mexico...

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Travel Tip For Today

Bring one pair of comfortable walking shoes as well as a pair of sandals or Tevas. Before you leave home, break in your new shoes so you're not uncomfortable on the road.

Restaurants in Miami, Florida

Restaurants for Travelers


44441 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach, Florida
(305) 538-2000
Trop-art-Cafe located in the lower level of Miami's biggest Hotel next to the shopping arcade, this place will satisfy any child's desire for glitz. Specialties are big portions of American food, salads and sandwiches, booth service, a friendly and efficient wait staff. You'll love it! We did!

3555 S.W. Eighth Street
Miami, Florida
(305) 444-0240
There are mirrors, but that's the only similarity with its French namesake, everything else is Cuban. Large noisy dining room will make you feel at home, kids will be entranced by the fantasy dessert display. Best thing on the menu is the least expensive, Black Beans and Rice. Order some Platanos Maduros on the side and you have a very filling meal. Lots of other good things, too, especially the Roast Pork. A Little Havana landmark and a good place to meet Miami's Cuban community. Open late.

17190 Collins Avenue
Miami, Florida
(305) 947-4581
The best of Florida's delis, spotless and efficient. All of Miami Beach turns up here eventually so the people-watching is great! Individual booths so you can contain the kids and meals come with all the trimmings including excellent bread and homemade dill pickles. Some of our favorites are the Whole Roast Chicken Dinner, the Giant Pastrami Sandwich, and the Plain Cheesecake. Kids' menu, too. Open late.

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Red Horse Mountain Dude Ranch
Coeur d'Alene, ID
United States

Three perfect meals a day, a private suite, cocktail hour, snacks, use of riding boots, unlimited long distance calls, wireless Internet, hot tubs, heated pool, laundry service and much more.

Red Horse Mountain Dude Ranch

Contact Information

11077 E Blue Lake Rd
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho  83833
United States
Fax: 208-689-9115
General Manager:
Cory Inouye
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Grand Wailea Resort & Spa

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