Theme Parks in New York State

New York

Theme parks are often the focus of family vacations. Here are a few to center in on in New York State. DARIEN LAKE THEME PARK & CAMPING RESORT Darien Center, NY 10486 (716) 599-4641 NYS I-90 to exit 48A, 5 miles S. on Rt. 77 Days open: May 21-22 May 27-Sept. 18 Not open June 1-2 and 6-9. Daily Hours: Times vary check with park upon arrival. Number of rides: 100 rides and attraction Attractions: "The Giant Wheel" Reportedly the highest ferris wheel in the U.S. "The Predator" NY's tallest wooden roller coaster. "The Viper" This steel roller coaster reaches speeds of 50 MPH & 5 upside down turns Special events: "4th of July" Fireworks "International Festival" ethnic foods and entertainment on Labor day. "Concerts" year-round. One of the largest theme parks in NY, Darien Lake offers 2,000 sites suitable for RV's and tents. THE GREAT ESCAPE P.O. Box 511 Lake George, NY 12845 518-792-3500 Adirondack Northway RT. 87, exit 19, Rt. 9 to park Days open: May 27-29, June 1-4, June 7- Sept. 4, Sept. 9-10 and 16-17 Number of rides: 39 Attractions: "Rotor" Be held aloft by centrifugal force. "All-American High Diving Show" High diving acts 5 times daily. "Comet" It's not a washing product it's a world famous wooden roller coaster. One of the oldest theme parks in the U.S., The Great Escape is one of NY's most popular vacation spots as well as NY's largest theme park. MIDWAY PARK Route 430, Box E Maple Springs, NY 14756 (716) 386-3165 On I-430 Admission: Free admission...Pay as you go. Attractions: Roller Skate in an open-aired rink that looks over a beautiful lake. Coming up on their 97th season, Midway Park is one of the oldest continually operating amusement facilities in the nation. Midway says that their park is a great place for families with pre-teens. SPLISH SPLASH P.O. Box 1090 Riverhead, NY 11901 (631) 727-3600 Ex. 72 W. on L.I.E., Riverhead, L.I. Days open: May 26 - Sept 5 except June 5 - 15 Daily Hours: Opens at 9:30 am Attractions: Surf City- What Splish Splash claims to be the place for the most perfect waves. A 1-acre wave-pool. "Long Island's Water Park" Splish Splash has plenty of slides, slips, twists and turns for a great day of fun. SEABREEZE AMUSEMENT & RAGING RIVERS WATER PARK 4600 Culver Road Rochester, NY 14622 (716) 323-1900 North of Rochester on Rt. 50. Days open: WEEKENDS May-mid June DAILY mid June - Labor day Daily Hours: 12 am - 10 pm water park 11 am 8 pm Number of rides: 20 Attractions: "Banzai Speed Slide" This water slide doesn't need a description, the name says it all. "YOYO" You've got to see it to believe it. Special events: Country Jamboree- Country music on labor day. This park combines old looks with new thrill rides as well as a water park.

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