Kluane National Park


The highlight of this segment of the Alcan is Kluane National Park (pronounced "clue-WAH-nee"). The park is home to one of the continent's largest wildlife populations including moose, caribou, Dall sheep, mountain goats, wolves, grizzly bears, wolverines and eagles. Kluane also boasts Canada's highest mountains. Mt. Logan, at 19,520 feet above sea level, is the tallest. The world's largest non-polar ice field is here, with glaciers covering more than half the area of the park year round. Kluane's dark, jagged sawtooth peaks, protruding through the valley and glaciers, create a brooding and mysterious atmosphere.

Hint: a piece of glacial ice in your cooler will keep everything cold for days. Due to its extreme compression, the ice is very slow to melt.

Park headquarters, located in Haines Junction, has an excellent visual program to acquaint the visitor with the park. The park, a wilderness area with no roads and practically no trails offers camping, hiking and backpacking. Hikers must register at park headquarters.

Fishing is prohibited within the park boundaries. However, there is excellent fishing (graylings, northern pike and sheefish) across the highway in Kluane Lake. Stop and inquire about good fishing spots at the Visitors Center.

The Kluane Museum of Natural History, at Burwash Landing, has interesting Indian artifacts, beaded ceremonial costumes, as well as all manner of creatures - stuffed.

As you near the Canadian/U.S. border, the road gets worse, and there is a patch of broken pavement. The road immediately improves at the Alaskan border.

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