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Travel Tip For Today

Bring one pair of comfortable walking shoes as well as a pair of sandals or Tevas. Before you leave home, break in your new shoes so you're not uncomfortable on the road.

Games On The Road

Traveling with kids

These are road games that our family enjoys. Of course, there are more. (Please contribute your games, we'd love to hear your suggestions.) Some of these games can leave your hotel room in quite a state of disarray, but let's face it: when you're traveling with kids, your room doesn't look like the average business traveler's. The housekeepers at most hotels are poorly paid, and a generous tip will help assuage your guilt. If you are staying several nights in the same place, tip the housekeeper in advance. This gesture may even bring you extra towels and wash cloths!


1. Ashtray Hide-Away: you guessed it-hide that ashtray while everybody keeps his or her eyes closed. (Hard to play in a non-smoking hotel room!)

2. Waste Basketball: use your brought-along ball and count the number of balls in the basket. Put the basket far away or up high to make the game more difficult.

3. Bubble Time: bring along a bottle of blowing bubbles and let the kids blow themselves silly in the bathroom. Careful, the floor will be slippery, so put down some towels.

4. Pillow Fight: you know.


1. Count the license plates from out-of-state: whoever gets the most (says the name of the state first) wins after a certain time period, i.e., 15 minutes, a half-hour, etc.

2. V-Dub: person who sees the most Volkswagen Beetles and says it first within a certain time period wins.

3. Alphabet: try to get through the whole alphabet by spotting letters on billboards, license plates, road signs, etc.

(Car travel: some great items to have on hand for those rest stops are: a beach ball, Frisbee, jump rope, chalk for hop scotch; all of these encourage movement.)


1. Water Snake: scrunch down the paper on a paper-covered straw until it forms a tight accordion shape. Put the paper on the table and, using the straw, put a few drops of water on it. The paper will expand and create a snake.

2. Shuffleboard Pennies: you need several pennies for this game. Two players sit on opposite sides of a table. Place the pennies in the center of the cleared table. The first player hits the penny with their finger to try and get it as close to the opposite edge of the table as possible. Players alternate turns, shooting the pennies form where they last landed. If the penny lands within two inches form the edge = 1 point. If it's slightly over the edge = 5 points. If it falls off the table = lose a point.

3. Guess the Check: this one is always a favorite.

4. Add The Check (a much-loved variation): the kid who finds an error in the check receives an amount equal to it, i.e., for a $1.00 overcharge, they get $1.00, etc.

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